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Feedback Request: Spelling & Grammar

Should spell check and grammar check be turned on automatically? Only spelling? Neither?

How easy does it need to be to toggle on/off? In the preferences panel or does it need to be more accessible, like a button visible on the screen?

I think spelling should be on by default, but not grammar. Spelling to me should be easily accessible, grammar not so much so a preference box. Spelling I change on the fly as I type because some words I always type wrong. Like Believe, I always type wrong… always. (except today when I did of course lol)

Grammar is a secondary check for editing. IMO.


If it’s in Danish :denmark: turn it on! … cough uhm … nevermind. Where can I turn it off??


Spelling on auto for sure as long as you can set which one ie. American English vs Australian English etc. And grammer off but both very easy to toggle on/off so I would make it a button on screen and in the preferences.


Would love to be able to toggle both. Sometimes its nice to just goooo.


Seconding the idea that both spelling and grammar should be toggle-able, sometimes those little lines get distracting.
Also, would there be an “add to dictionary” option for the spelling? Speaking as someone who primarily writes fantasy, I know I’d get annoyed if I could neither turn off spell check, or teach it words that I’d be using frequently.


You’ll definitely be able to turn off both. I was wondering the about the default, and about how easy it should be to turn it on/off (considering that the easier something is, the more in-your-face face and makes Dabble feel more complex).

The spelling does have add-to-dictionary.

One more question, is it a dealbreaker to not have spelling/grammar when offline? ProWritingAid is an online service. A nice one, but online. They are able to provide better results with large databases on their servers.

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hmmmm. Question @Jacob, do you know if ProWritingAid works offline with their Word Extension?

From their website:

Our Office Add-In requires an internet connection to work.

With this in mind as long as you advertise that fact I’d say it’s okay since that’s how your ‘parent’ package works too.

But I’m thinking as a user that might annoy me since I’m more likely to edit while not online, but then again I always have internet these days so, not sure if it really matters either way.

As a side note: Even their Desktop app requires an internet connection:

The desktop app will run on Microsoft Windows 7 or newer and still needs an internet connection to work.


I always work online, so it wouldn’t be a big deal for me.

I agree with the general consensus of spelling on grammar off, both toggleable.


To me, in the preferences would be okay as I will set it only once and for all.
Even people who will use it, I don’t think they switch it on and off all the time ;), maybe just at the start of a each session, so preferences should be fine with them, too. Important would be to know it can be found there.

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Agree with the chorus. Spelling on by default. Grammar off but toggle. I think in a pref pane is fine.


Spelling should be a button on the screen but easily accessible (like the old Word) and not on a drop down menu which interrupts the flow.

I wouldn’t want spelling or grammar automatic (as you write) unless its easily turned off, because this is irritating and disruptive; sometimes creative writing requires mistakes as you get your thoughts down. Especially in names which I often put down without a capital to start with, for speed. In poetry, spelling mistakes might be wanted, or when a young child ‘speaks’ and get words wrong.

Generally in grammar choices, I prefer my own - I rarely choose the spell-checkers grammar so, for me, having the choice is a deal breaker.

Definitely available off-line too. Our internet is slow and sometimes we are in places without any at all.

At the moment, I have to cut my writing, paste it into word, run the spell checker, and then cut and paste back into Dabble after spell-checking so the sooner Dabble has one, the better!


I’m for spelling to show up automatically, but with the option to turn it off. Grammar to NOT be automatic, but with the option to turn it on. However, I’m good with either.


I think spell check should be on automatically, but with the option to turn off.
I would love spell check just in case, but it keeps marking every single word as a spelling error, which is irritating. I checked, and I have it set to the correct language, but it still marks every word, including and, the, it, a, she, etc., as a spelling error.
Luckily spelling is not generally a challenge for me.

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Very strange. I logged into your account to check it out and didn’t get that happening, but I see from your logs that it is. I wonder if ProWritingAid is having some issues today. I will see if I can figure out what is going on and how to fix it if possible.

I don’t like to have either on while I’m working on a document. I only use them after the chapter (or the whole novel) is finished. It’s just how I work best. But I would like to have easier access to the buttons. Sometimes I forget they are an option. Perhaps a toggle on the side panel?

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I say spell and grammar check on by default. It would be nice to have an unobtrusive button or way to toggle.

I like being offline while I write, so for me it’s an easy way to turn it off while I work. When I’m through with my writing session, I reconnect online, let it sync and go through my words to see what I’ve misspelled. I like the grammar checker too, although when I don’t want to follow their advice, there’s no way to ignore that, except for a few seconds.

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