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First novel

I just finished the rough draft of my first novel. 47,253 words. I didn’t think I had it in me. I’m proud of myself, but I know the real work starts now with the editing process. When I say now, I mean in a few weeks. I want to take a step back to clear my mind before doing it.


Awesome, congrats Eric! Enjoy and remember this feeling of finishing, cause you will need it in the frustrating times ahead working towards the second draft :).


I actually enjoy the editing process. It’s a mental illness, I think. :rofl:


I’m enjoying the editing process too @eric_cole for once lol. I’ve never really wanted to before I think that was my key… I want to publish this so I need to edit it.


I understand. I want people to read it, but I’m not ready to open the door yet… lol.

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Well done Eric! Hope you have a great time and many ideas when you start your editing process!


I’m with you! Editing is (maybe) my favorite part - after general plot pantsing, that is.


Working on draft #??? of my novel Wind and Wave (around 168k words at the moment) and why didn’t anyone tell me that the hardest part wasn’t editing or writing, but having to switch between the two when I need to add a new scene? I get so ingrained in Editing Mode™ that when it comes time to rewrite a scene or add in a new one, my brain is like: Error 404 Page Not Found.


You’re not alone in that! Truthfully, I have a “bad habit” of editing AS I write. In some ways, not so bad, since I catch a lot of mistakes as I go. But it does mean I have a tendency to get stuck on some scenes until I have to just tell myself to keep writing ahead, and I’ll swing back around to it later. LOL

Something I have found that helps, though, is having separate tools for editing and writing. For me, that’s using Dabble for Drafting and Scrivener for editing, but I’ve also done hand-written for writing and typing for editing, just something to cause enough of a divide that it helps me flip that switch. Maybe that’ll help with the 404 error!



:partying_face: as

I nearly passed out writing 40k over a span of 6 months. That’s great!!!