First Steps

Hello Dabblers,

Working on my first book, finally doing it :sweat_smile:.

My fear, which is not an immediate speed bump is the the “show not tell aspect”.

I thought I had it down but after reviewing my first chapter noticed I’ll need to do a lot of editing/revising later on.

Is there some app or site that I can use to toss “filter” words to find more expressive ones?

I use thesaurus for college papers, but was hoping there was a “writers” app to use as a quick tool.

Showing is a lot more to conquer than I had originally imagined.

Ray LaRue


Hi Ray

Take a look at this site has some excellent writer’s thesauri, set up to cover exactly what you are looking for. Plus much much more. It is a subscription service and has a free trial period, highly recommended.

Andrew England


It might not be too much to worry about on a first draft, honestly. Telling is perfectly fine as you’re building the story and character, as long as you’re taking note of where such spots can be improved, worked into dialog and distributed through the text during the re-write/edit phase.

Definitely a good thing to be mindful of as you are writing and getting into the swing of things, but it shouldn’t be the thing that kills your forward momentum as you’re getting started.

Also, congrats on getting started, I hope your writing journey is just beginning!


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