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I’m considering buying this for writing my books, but I don’t see a way to create footnotes, which would be a no-go for me.
Am I missing it?


Dabble is still evolving and as of now, there are no footnotes, no bibliography or anything like that.

Why? It is developed with novelling in mind rather than research papers, the writing is done on one big scroll, no pagebreaks, no headers or footers.
On exporting to word format it will convert to pages to which footnotes can be added as usual. Each scene / paragraph, however, can have note cards on which relevant footnotes, literature etc. can be added.

Another thing that Dabble can do is (external) linking and I could think about a workaround for footnotes based on that:
Linking between words in the notes section to an external resource that only contains the footnotes, which at least, is how I link bibliography entries.

Edit: Maybe, I don’t quite understand what type of books you want to write. The scene / note cards and plot grid Dabble comes with are designed to plan out a book in detail. There is a section for research, where links and photographs can be added etc.


Hi all - happy new year etc etc!

found this thread bcuz I need to do an academic paper and am so used to using Dabble I just started typing away but then I thought, oh no - footnotes and bib etc etc!!! I don’t much want to back to word for the thesis (20,000 words) so was thinking about a workaround. So this suggestion above is to maybe have a link to the quote/source each time you want to reference/footnote something to remember it and then tidy the whole thing up in word once it’s done? The chapter and scene function on Dabble is so good for breaking the essay down into sections and chunks so i really want to do the thesis in it…
Anyway - suggestions/thoughts/tips would be much appreciated - many thanks and best wishes :slight_smile:

ps: if anyone actually fancies doing the essay for me and save me having to think about all this then even better…!!! :wink:


Hopefully, this year Dabble can add an Academic Paper project type to support this. Footnotes are needed for that and non-fiction.

The good news is that Dabble grew well last year through the pandemic, and we should be able to put more resources towards improving it so you can use Dabble for all your larger writing projects. It’s been awhile since any big functionality has come, but we have some big things coming this year.

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No worries at all thanks Jacob! Think i might do something like use an asterix in the text, then make a note and link in the notes panel on the right and then glue it all together later. I think the chapters and scenes function is as useful for academic as it is for fiction - have only been fiddling for a couple of days and already starting to see how I might break the 20k project up - so easy to see everything in the left panel and jump around the doc if you need to etc…!! thanks again :slight_smile:

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When I add support for academic works, I can replace “Chapters” and “Scenes” with “Sections” which can have a title like a Chapter as well as text content like a Scene, and which be nested within each other so you may have Section 2, Section 2.1, & Section 2.1.4 complete with auto-numbering.

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Wow - perfect, thanks Jacob!! Would be great at some point in the future to build a whole academic project in Dabble - with sections and footnotes etc etc - as we do now with novels etc…no worries tho for now - think asterix/notes/link work around’ll work fine… :slight_smile:

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I just wanted to chime in and say that footnotes aren’t needed in APA and MLA formatted academic papers. I’ve been using Dabble to draft my papers for college and I just organize each paragraph as it’s own scene and label it by the topic of the paragraph.

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Thanks Pheonix that’s great - appreciate that - didn’t know! That does sound a lot more practical - paragraph = scene…very clear. Thought my place used Harvard but just had a read of their guide/double check and it says MLA is also ok if preferred, so could be a good option - just getting started so easy enough to change system…will have a good think… :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi! OP here – I’m loving this conversation coming back up and really appreciate Jacob responding in particular!

I am writing both academically using Chicago style (which requires footnotes), and writing fiction. My fiction writing uses footnotes as well, mostly bc I love footnotes and enjoy playing with them. If Dabble does create a way to include footnotes, I would absolutely pay for a full subscription.