Format how to

I imported an existing manuscript and it came in center-formatted in the page. Very distracting to read this way.

How to re-format it to left orientation?



Hey @Kate_Cone! Dabble has 2 separate text fields on each Story Note page, one is the title and one is the body. Dabble makes it look nice as if it were one document, but it isn’t smart about having these fields work together (yet) as one field.

The problem you are seeing is that you pasted all your data into the title field, so it is formatted large and bold and centered. If you delete that and press Enter, or click below the “Untitled Note” field, you can paste the text into the body section of the note and get it looking right.

I’m sorry about the confusion with this. It is something I have on my list to improve.

Thanks, Jacob! I’ll do just that. Makes sense. Kate

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In order to avoid something like this, I usually name the notes in the plot grid or from the sidebar when writing on a scene. That sets its title and when I continue to open a note to work on it, I always click into the body correctly. No confusion arises.

I recently migrated a bigger chunk of work and made sure to name the scene cards first, before copying any other material into the respective notes.