Formatting changes when exporting

When I export into Word, the Word document doesn’t have the italics I added in Dabble, and the spaces between scenes no longer have the three asterisks that are shown in Dabble - instead it changes to a single hashtag.

Is there a way of exporting, but keeping the formatting so that italics and the scene break asterisks are retained?

Thanks in advance.

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At the time there is no way way to change formatting on export. However the Italics is an issue and you should report it in support chat to make sure @jacob sees the problem.

The other is Manuscript formatting with the hashtag I believe and why it’s used. But that’s an easy one to fix. Search and replace the Hashtag with whatever you’d like The shortcut key in word I think is Ctrl+R it could be Ctrl+H I don’t remember which one is which in which program lol.

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