Formatting for Amazon KDP

I’m writing my first book. I have enjoyed the Dabble Interface for this. Now I’m starting to play around with self-publishing to Amazon KDP. What I find is the export from Dabble is nowhere near nice enough to just upload to KDP. So I’m wondering what others are using to format before uploading.

It would be really cool if Dabble could help with this. I know competing products like LiveWriter do (but it’s super buggy).

It is on the list of things to do. Check the features and road map on the site to see where we are going.

Out current export is more meant to send to an editor or agent not ready to publish.

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Thank you.

But in the meantime, what are people using?

Is there a roadmap that show’s where a request is in your overall priorities are? Maybe with a Quarter of release prediction?

I found the list that says we might do some of these things soon or a long time from now. Not super helpful.

No we don’t have a release schedule at the moment. We have a tentative idea of what is coming next. Exports other than word haven’t been discussed in the next two releases as of yet. Right now we are working on a simplified writer process workflow. Next big features are going to be the editor/beta reader concepts with tracking changes etc.

In the mean time If you let us know what makes editing your word file difficult to edit for publishing we might be able to work in some better utility to do so. I think we we are using headings where as in the beginning we weren’t Improving the Word to other platforms is probably going to happen sooner than a full I can export to XYZ platform as there are so many different versions out there.

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Once I get to publishing, I will start a post with issues and proposed fixes. I’m a VP of Engineering so I understand release cycles and roadmaps. So I will maybe break things down into things that could immediately help and long-term things.

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If you were going to send the manuscript to an agent–which is my intent–what is the best format to export it to at present Do you have an opinion? Thank you!


What I would do is export the file to Google Docs (I don’t have Word). I’ll do the final edit of the book in Google Docs and then save it as a docx file, download it to my computer, and then upload it to Amazon KDP. I’m hoping this works, but yes since so many people are publishing their work as ebooks and not going the traditional publishing route with an agent, this would be a useful feature for Dabble to add.

I plan on doing a Kindle book, a softback, and a hardback.

From my research so far (and I’m just playing while the book is being 1st round line-edited) I have found the following to wanting to use KDP.

For the Epub, I need to take the word file and load it into Kindle Create. The current format of the exported word doc does not work well. Specifically, how the chapter names are done is messed up. So I would need to fix every instance of that. I also would need to add TOC, Copywrite info, About the author info, etc. Ether in the word document or in Kindle Create. I would favor the word document because of the other Word formatting I would have to do. However, I think the TOC would need to be done only in Kindle Create. I would also need to add the cover to Kindle create.Then create a epub or pdf (not sure which is best yet)

Then I need to use a KDP Word template from Kindle for the 5x8 format for the softback. I could maybe just adopt the settings but they recommend copy and paste (yuck). Again add TOC, Copywrite info, About the author info, etc.

Then I need to use a KDP Word template for the 6x9 format for the hardback. Just like with the softback I need to add all the extra info.

Then in Kindle, I set up the book, the categories, keywords, and choose each book type of want. For the epub, I upload the epub that Kindle create made. For the Hard and Softbacks, I upload the appropriate word files and cover, back, and spine art.

I think a lot of this could be automated by DabbleWritter.Integration with Amazon KDP (by far the largest epub distributed in the US) would be amazing. If not full automation, at least getting the formatted word docus and/or epub uploadable content prepared.

Haven’t read the other replies, but I’ll tell you what I do.
I export to Word, clean it up using Kindle Create Add-in for Word, or if you don’t have Word, you can get the free download of Kindle Create for Windows (search for it on Amazon). After cleaning it up and making it look pretty and formatted properly, I edit one more time and upload to my KDP Account. I’ve done 5 books for this so far.

Any questions, suggestions, comments, or replies, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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