From Scrivner to Dabble

So I decided to try to use Dabble from now on, but I have unfinished works on Scrivner that I want to transfer over to Dabble. Problem is that when I copied and pasted a chapter, it won’t show up on Dabble.

I really don’t wanna have to rewrite the entire chapter. Can anyone give me some advice?


Is it just one chapter or everything you’ve cut and pasted? What font and background colours were you using in Scrivener. Is Dabble showing any word count after the pasting?

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Right now I only copied and pasted one chapter.

I clicked paste and nothing. And no word count change

As for font, new times Roman

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Very strange I’ve never had any problem cutting and pasting. Have you contacted Jacob directly via the help chat, he’s very good and gets back pretty quickly.


Contacting Jacob in chat support is probably best and quickest solution.

I sometimes have problems copying and pasting, someetimes I have to copy and paste the piece twice or with a specific method to get it out of the program. (Not Scrivener or Dabble) and paste in one way or another (again not the programs you are using)

So try using the Copy method from the menu (should be one in Scrivener) then try pasting it into dabble using Ctrl+V or the regular method. I’m not sure if there is a paste in the right click of Dabble’s context menu if it’s enabled.

If it doesn’t work try Ctrl+C and see if it works.

Sometimes a program doesn’t register it right, and it needs multiple copies to pick it up. I’ve never heard of the problem in dabble before, and I don’t use Scrivener so not sure about it in general.

I hope Jacob can assist you.

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WOO! It worked! I did the Crtl V method and it worked! All right! I’m back in business!


I’m glad to see it worked. I was just about to suggest Ctrl-V as that’s how I pasted in all my works from Scrivener into Dabble. I haven’t looked back.

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