From Utopia to Dystopia: The Fatal Flaw

Many of us have played the Super Power Fail game. It’s a great way to pass time when there’s nothing else to do! My friends and I would play it while waiting in lines at amusement parks! But for those of you who haven’t, here’s how it works:

Person one: With the snap of a finger, you’re invisible!
Person two: But each time you do, you gain one pound.
Person three must now decide whether or not they would still want the super power!

So, I thought we might give it a go, dystopian-style! Person one states something that would be one aspect of a utopia, and person two ruins it with a fatal flaw!

I’m not an overly funny person, but here’s an example based off the book series I’m reading now (brownie points to whoever figures out what I’m reading)!

Person One:
Humans have developed a wide assortment of superpowers.

Person Two:
Anyone who hasn’t developed superpowers is essentially a slaves to those with the superpowers.

You can post as either person one, or use the quote feature to post as person two. Be funny! Or be serious! Either way, we can get some good laughs, or maybe even a few ideas for some projects!!

Here are a few to start us off.
Side note: I’m really not that funny, but I’ll try!

World hunger is out of the question now, thanks to artificially grown meats!..

Education, health care, they’re all free!..

Thanks to the robotic revolution, humans no longer need to work to live. Now, they can just live…


Live like cattle - what did you think the term ‘artificially grown meat’ came from. AI’s growing humans to cull.


Wow AJ, that’s dark (In a good way!)

Now I get to choose, right? I think I would have no say, no thank you. I like not being eaten by robots…

The wealth gap has been obliterated. 90% of the world’s population live like kings…

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The wealth gap has been obliterated. 90% of the world’s population live like kings…

And the other 10%, would-be queens? When only 10% of the world’s population is made of women, it takes a lot of work to keep the population levels up!

:nauseated_face: Wouldn’t want to be anywhere near a world like this!

Time travel has just been commercialized! You can go anywhere you want, any time you want!


Brandon Sanderson’s Steelheart.

Unemployment is at 25%, matching that of the Great Depression…

Good try but nope!

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It’s a fraud. The device is a one-time trip to workhouses in the future where human rights are solely for natives in that timeline.

When everyone’s eating meat no one will care for plants and we’ll build on every farmable area. We’ll suffocate of insufficent oxygen.

Unemployment is at 0%! Everyone is able to have a job!


Okay, I’m new here and want to play! Is this thread to old to play? If not, here’s an aspect of Utopia: World peace has finally been achieved.

Nice to meet everyone!


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I like the idea of the word “natives” being applied to people who are from the time period in question. Brings all sorts of ideas with it!

Everyone is not only able to have a job, but required to have a job, no matter how old, how healthy, how educated, how qualified. Kids start work when they are 8 and people do jobs that machines could simply to ensure everyone is working.

Everyone in the world owns a Volkswagon bus, wears flowing clothes (optional)1, and keeps their hair long. The main crop is a green one

  1. the clothes are optional, not the style
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The planet are in peices. The plants, sea life, animals, and humans are all dead after a long bio-war. Everything is truly peaceful…

Utopia: Heaven exists! When humans die we go there! Yaaay!

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