Fullscreen in mobile exits constantly

When using “fullscreen” on the mobile platform, the cursor is not present. The large “X” (upper left) to exit fullscreen is distracting and unnecessary if the controls at the bottom worked as expected. If I use touch, pulling down to move back up on a document scroll —boom— I’m out of fullscreen and the URL, tabs etc and the full frame are again present. The cursor is not present in full screen. Again, disorienting when the whole point of “fullscreen” is to aid in distraction free writing.

I journal and “write” 90% of my time on my iPad. I’m working with a trial version of Dabbler before I decide to leap. To be fair, I’m comparing the Dabbler to Ulysses. The feature set is similar. Ulysses provides a solid application platform that avoids the issues of a web app. But Dabbler is solid, full featured, novel building platform that seems to be built for the NaNoWriMo crowd.

But it makes the actual act of writing an awkward experience,

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For mobile, we recommend installing it with the Add to Home Screen feature of your mobile browser so you have a full-screen experience. The issues you are experiencing are to do with the mobile browser’s full-screen capabilities (i.e. some mobile platforms may work better than others). Dabble doesn’t add any X to exit, that is the browser.

Does adding it to the home screen work better?

I’ve added it to the Home Screen before posting. It behaves the same unfortunately. It’s great not full screen. Very nice system

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By adding it to Home Screen on mobile, it is essentially already full screen. Since there is no browser chrome anymore, you shouldn’t need the fullscreen feature. Are you just trying to get rid of the bar at the very top with the time and phone connection status?