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Which one do you guyz think is better❤️

  • Google
  • Dabble
  • Microsoft

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              ❤️**Go ahead and explain why!**❤️

Google Docs crashes on large bodies of work. And I specifically do not like the limited version of Microsoft you can get online.

Dabble works ALL The time. I have 5+ books in one Project with a lot of world lore. I don’t have to switch to different docs just to get the info I want.

But most of all what sold me on dabble was Jacob was always around to help out. And he didn’t mind all my annoyig chat messages about quirks and things that bugged me about the way dabble worked or handled a situation. Dabble is young, but it’s growing stronger.


the biggest reason I think dabble is one of the best word docs out there is because its a small almost local application and the founder, @Jacob is here answering peoples posts and trying to improve his application. If you tried to tell google that they need to improve something it probably wouldn’t make it past the first person you suggested it to. Were as on dabble your ideas are taken into consideration by the founder himself.

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Google and Microsoft business ethics count heavily in my book. Dabble has done no evil. This vote is simple.


I don’t understand what the poll is attempting to do because it has left-out other online options such as Scrivener (inc iOS) and Ulysses, to name just two others.

@AZBunny - what is the purpose of this poll?

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I guess its an obscure way of telling new users about dabble

-by comparing it to the giant corporations

I wasn’t sold on Dabble at first. I’m a Scrivener from way back. I’m also a plotter. I also write on a lot of different platforms that have their own editors (Vocal, Hubpages, Wattpad, Newsbreak, etc.). I also use Google Docs and Microsoft Word.

Over the past year, I’ve evolved from Word to Docs because it’s easier to use, less cumbersome, syncs across all devices, and allows co-editing. But like others already mentioned, it crashes for me too. Scrivener is for my heavy lifting and I still use it a lot. But Dabble has quickly become my all-purpose editor. I like to use the analogy of a favorite pocket knife. I have plenty of different kinds of cutlery available but I always seem to reach into my pocket for that favorite little penknife. To me, that’s what Dabble represents. If I want to get busy writing and don’t have time to waste on booting up, formatting and other time wasters, I go to Dabble, click a button and start writing.

That’s why I believe Dabble will win in the long run. It’s simple, like pen and paper. For a writer, that’s what I demand. When the urge hits me to write, I don’t want to waste my time on getting ready. I just want to write and Dabble makes that happen.


Easiest to pull up from any location. Saves and has the dark mod. Not only that, it’s adding more features.


I was using prowiritng aid, scrivner, word, google docs, and wattpad and then sending to be published in KU. 3 books later every time my publisher would end up spending extra hours (days) trying to find all “ghost” formatting left behind.

I have only hit publish on one short story, but so far, so good. For this one thing alone I am grateful.


Lol, I love how this is 100% … we are not at all biased :smiley:


Never :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I think one of the most important features for me is the super-quick syncing. Depending on my day I can be writing on anything from my phone or ipad to a PC or macbook and my work is always up to date.

Scrivener was a nightmare for syncing - the dreaded "You didn’t log out from the PC you left 250 miles away - so we can’t help you on the macbook that you took on your holiday with you’ message.

Since the addition of the sticky notes and the inline comments, I can’t think of a single reason to write anywhere else.


As a Dabbler for a few years now I can say that Syncing has never been a problem. I have never lost any writing. I jump back and forth between Linux and Macintosh systems and the writing experience with Dabble is excellent and familiar on both operating systems.

As a rule I abhor subscription services. But I really like the direction Jacob is taking Dabble, I want it to succeed, so dabble is an exception to my rule :slight_smile:


I’ve only started using Dabble for my novel and it’s wonderful honestly I wish i used this app sooner.


Dabble. It’s amazing how it works and everything. I have MS Word and it works out fine, but the features aren’t better than Dabble, so this is why I think Dabble is better.


Being able to access across multiple devices is key for me. I have Office 365 which does allow this on Word but I find it glitchy. Dabble is far superior!

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This poll makes no sense