Goal setting not working?

My goal is 80k words. At ‘project’ level I have set up writing days for every Sunday up to xmas 2021, plus today and tomorrow = 59 days. I set exclude word count 12700. The goal says 1355 words a day, which seems OK, 59 days x 1335 = 79,945.

So it says:
398 Days Left.
107 written. 107 what? Words? Days?
79,893 words left.
80,000 goal.

So what happened to the excluded word count?
This was working a few days ago, now it has ignored the excluded word count.
Where is it getting 107 from?

Please assist. Goals seemed like a great feature, now it doesn’t work for me…

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You probably want to send in a support chat. This way Jacob can help you best.

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For others who may search here and have similar problems, it seems to be an understanding of how Exclude Word Count works.

When you set an Exclude Word Count it pretends those words don’t exist in your project. You would use it, for e.g. to write 50k words in November in a book that already has 20k words. It would tell you that 0 words are written at the start of the month (assuming you had exactly 20k words and not 20,010, in which case it would tell you that you have 10 words written). If you want to see the total words written (not total written towards your goal, but total in your project), then set Exclude Word Count to zero and increase your goal to the total number of words you want to get done by a certain date.

Hope that helps!

Ah yes! Setting that to zero has made it all look much more sensible. Many thanks.

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