Is Grammarly Premium worth it? Antidote is great for French, but not as good in English IMHO.


i cannot compare to Antidote, but to my knowing Grammarly is the best for english. So yes i think premium worth it


I use Grammarly Premium for everything and it is fantastic for English. I recommend it to everyone.

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I’ve used Grammarly Premium for 2 years and definitely feel it is worth it. I primarily use the web based grammar check platform as my home system is Mac and work is Windows. It’s quick, visually appealing and gives you plenty of opportunity to reject their suggestions (for stylistic or other reasons). I also tried and like ProWriting Aid but seem to come back to Grammarly.

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Grammarly Premium is a bit pricey but, as the other responses have said, it’s worth it. They’re adding new features as well. For example, it can now check the ‘goal’ of what you’re writing. You specify the audience for your document, the formality, the context, tone, and intent. It will provide suggestions where appropriate. I have found this helpful. See the attached screenshot.

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