Graphics supported!

Did anybody notice yet? :smile:

I went through a collection of writing advice and there was a picture where I had copied from a webpage and I am certain, when I copied it some time ago, there was no picture included … but now it appears … that’s funny and insightful at the same time.

A new era for world building and character development in Dabble has started!


lol. No I hadn’t noticed but that’s pretty awesome that it remembered it. Very nice.


Actually, copy-paste from online will bring the image tag over to Dabble, but Dabble doesn’t store images yet (just references them), so you won’t see the image offline, and if the website removes it you won’t see it in your novel. Also, you have no control over how the image looks in your document for resizing or centering, etc. Official image support is planned this next year.


Sorry for the bump, but curious if image support ever made it in. I’d like to use them for character bios and world building.

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Not yet. I think it’s on this years to do list tho.

It is slated for later this year. The plan is Versioning, Co-Authoring, then Images. They are a definite add and we will definitely let you know about it. :smiley:

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That’s a big smile!

I had not noticed this before :slight_smile: .

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Images are not officially supported. Your mileage may vary.

For now, I copy images to a file in Dropbox, so I know they’ll always be there in the link. Or you could use One Drive.