Hiding "Part №" as character numeration is hiden?

Hi, I am not sure if this feature is not present at all, or if I am doing it wrong. I am writing a book in Cyrillic, and as it is currently impossible to replace an English “Character” with a different word, I just hide it and add numbers as character names. But I can’t do the same with parts in Dabble. Even as I used a part’s name as a replacement for the in-built English word, still that “Part 1” is hovering over it.
And it goes to export, where I have to manually clean it out each time I am giving this document to someone for reading. I imagine it would be getting a lot more annoying after I move on from Part 1and will have to hunt for those English words somewhere further inside of the resulting exported document.
So, if this is not a feature, could it please become one? Or perhaps it would be possible to enable words “Character” and “Part” to be an editable entity, so they could be replaced with non-English words?
I used Scrivener before for my work, and in ver. 2 they had this feature and I had my exporting documents without unneeded english words, but after they moved on to ver.3 and changed everything I gave up on trying to learn how to do that again and was hoping Dabble would be easier…


I don’t think dabble has any localization other than the what you can type into based on your computer settings. Everything to my knowledge is in English.

I do not see Localization as an upcoming feature

I see it suggested on the feature requests you can up vote this to put it more on Jacob’s radar.

But I like your suggestion about having the Part, Chapter words customizable or even removable without a lot of work. Feel free to add your suggestions to the feature requests.


Sorry, we don’t have that. At least you only have to delete “Part” and not “Chapter” since you can toggle those off. I assume that is what you are doing for all the chapters.

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I’ve put the suggestion up for approval, would be lovely to see it upvoted if anyone else agrees they’d like to see this feature.