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Highlighting Scene Names to Edit Them Is a Bit Wonky

This is super minor.

I’m often changing the titles of my scenes. So I double click on the title. This puts the title in edit mode. Then I instinctively click drag to highlight a word or two, or the whole title. But instead of highlighting the words, Dabble thinks I am trying to move the whole scene up or down a level.

So instead of click dragging to edit a title, I have to place the cursor, backspace to erase the letters I want to erase, then type in the new words. Shame that it takes all those extra steps. Would be nice if the drag-to-move-a-scene-up-or-down-a-level functionality didn’t happen when the scene field was in edit mode.


Ah, thank you for reporting! It will be fixed in the next release.



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