Hollow Eyes - a short story - part 2: Carnivora, and part 3: Creepy Tales

Part 2: Carnivora

The Cavae Oculos can sense that Their prey is near. They cannot see it, but They know it is terrified. They can absorb its vibrations of stress and terror.

They begin humming—the most effective hunting strategy.

Stressed prey is not nutritious prey.

And the Oculos have gone too long without nutrition; phasing between dimensions has exhausted Their nutrient stores.

So They hum.

Their prey begins to relax.

Part 3: Creepy Tales

Theo’s best mates, Sullivan and Clove, were to blame.

Bones already chilled by the frigid October air, the two young men had decided that it was a good idea to tell creepy urban legends as they walked the dingy streets of the most decrepit neighborhood in town. The surrounding dilapidation only further elicited their horrific tales.

Within a quarter mile of a very rundown facility, Sullivan’s ever-smirking lips contorted into a nasty grin. Sully was a small, wiry lad with a shock of unruly black hair and vibrant lime green eyes—features that only served to finely exhibit his mischievous personality.

"So, how many of you are familiar with the Cavae Oculos ?" Sully began, his voice lowering to give the impression that otherworldly ears may be listening in. Its effect was prominent on Clove, who shuddered in his thick woolen peacoat. Theo rolled his eyes, having heard too many outlandish tales for one evening. Cavae Oculos were a stupid legend among the townsfolk, though no one spoke of them often. They were monsters. Monsters did not exist. They were a waste of imagination. Besides, where was the pleasure in making yourself—not to mention others—scared?

Clove raised his hand, smiling ghoulishly as he cast a sidelong glance at Theo. “I’ve heard they feed solely on those who deny the existence of monsters.”

“I hear they hunt by vibration and sound,” piped Ecco, her soft voice drifting from Theo’s left elbow.

Theo felt a prick of annoyance at the fact that they’d pulled sweet Ecco into this. Then again, she was into that sort of thing. He just didn’t pay it much mind.

Subconsciously, he pulled her closer to him, as if that would somehow protect her from their mates’ foolishness. She smiled, chocolatey brown eyes glowing with warmth as she leaned against his side and wrapped an arm around him.

The foursome had grown closer to the facility. This building was brick, rusty, crumbling, overtaken by vines, moss, and other plant life. Small creatures scuttled in and out of the dirty crevices, and boards and broken glass gave the place a forbidden feel.

Sully scanned it, his lime eyes shining wickedly in the moonlight. He grinned garishly.

“It’s rumored they reside in old laundromats.”

Theo groaned as Ecco trembled beside him. "Shut up , Sully."

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