How do I get Dabble to remember my grammar/spelling choices?

Hi! It’s my understanding that Dabble uses it’s own grammar/spellchecker. I believe it is Pro Writing Aid if I read the literature correctly. I’m used to Grammarly but that’s not a big deal for what I’m using Dabble for. What is annoying is when I ask Dabble to dismiss a warning about grammar or spelling. The software seems to abide by my decision until I advance to the next line. Then every suggestion appears again. This gets to be annoying. Has anyone figured out a solution or workaround to this short of just turning the grammar checker off?

I appreciate any and all suggestions. Thank you much!

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I think you can add words to your dictionary?

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The Words in the dictionary does seem to persist through settings. however the dismssing of items is not save (to my knowledge I know here has been other issues related to this).

It shouldn’t do it every line though. Unless your screen has refreshed between lines?

Is it showing up on the line you dismissed or the general rule is not being dismissed. If it’s the latter issue, then it does not to my knowledge know you dismissed it in the prior line. If it’s showing back up after you dismissed it and moved to the next line that likely is something support might need to look at.

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Yeah, I find the lack of permanent dismissal disturbing. I have figured out a few things.

  • Finish typing in a paragraph. Go through and accept or dismiss the grammer check as desired. DON’T MAKE ANY MORE CHANGES TO THE PARAGRAPH.
  • Which is silly. But. This items will stay dismissed until you make a change in that paragraph. It appears that making a change in a paragraph causes ProWritingAid (PWA) to recheck everything and forgetting the dismisses.

I tend to leave it on as I am trying to learn to write correctly (a.k.a. write in a way that prevents most suggestions. But I break the rules often enough that it can be annoying.

This doesn’t eliminate the problem. More like putting on heavy socks to protect against a piece of glass in your shoe because you can’t take the piece of glass out. I think this is PWA behavior.

As always, your milage may vary…