Craft your story

How do you handle burnout?


One thing that works for me is to switch formats. Sometimes I’ll just try for two or three more sentences in my phone’s notes app and then transcribe those back into Dabble later.

@Chet_Sandberg I do that while I’m out and about. I actually use apps that save to google drive or dropbox and then when I get to my computer or when I’m ready to ‘transcribe’ I just copy and paste it over. Unless you are using it as an editing phase .

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No, I don’t use it for editing.

This will sound weird, but Gdocs is what I find to be best for editing—outside something like ProWritingAid or Fictionary, that is.

If Dabble eventually integrates collaboration and suggestions/track changes, it might eliminate any need for Word/Google Docs.

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@Chet_Sandberg totally agreed on that. I like google docs for collaboration. So easy to use for that. I know collaboration is on Jacob’s list



Thanks for all the great feedback guys!