How Do You Make Use of Your Plot Grid?

My favorite form of writing procrastination is currently messing with how I have my plot grids laid out.

Anyone have any potentially unique uses/tricks they use with the plot grids? What’s obvious to you prolly isn’t for me.

For example: I have one grid not attached to a book that’s where I’ve recently started keeping my notes organized. This because I just found out the other night you can send individual cards to other Plot Lines by dropping them on the left side menu. This help keeps my book’s plot grid from becoming too cluttered as I can easily add or remove them notes as I need them.

Bonus example: I keep a blank note card on each scene so I can easily make note of things I only thought of as a I wrote it into the story.


Hello Coffee, lol I wished I would’ve thought of this name.

I am OCD when it comes to the plot grids. I’ve made Character Arch Grids for all my characters, Setting Grides for each location within my story or series - settings for chapters, where characters live…, I have a 3 Act Structure plot grid that includes all of the Save The Cat Points 55 Cards in all, 7 Plot Points Grid, & a Theme or Obligatory Scenes and Conventions Grid specific to the genre I’m working on - I got the idea from this blog post by Savannah Gilbo >

Hope this gives you some ideas!


I did not know that! :joy:


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Nice. All my procrastination is paying dividends.


Definitely some interesting ideas for adjusting my own setup. Thanks! Question: How do you layout your setting/location grids?

I’ve only just started organizing notes for things like locations and still haven’t found an ideal layout for things like that.

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