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How to Break Longer Manuscript into Chapters?

I see several suggestions for breaking up a chapter. I need advice on breaking up a long narrative into chapters. i’ve just been Writing Chapter 1(title), etc. as I re-read my manuscript.
Any suggestions?


Are you specifically talking about in Dabble? or writing theory?

In Dabble Writing Chapter 1: title or even just Chapter 1 etc for each new chapter as you reread is a good start.

When you are finished or as you go. You would then need to copy and paste the whole text into the very first scene of a given chapter and Dabble should break it up.

If you have it already split out into scenes that’s not possible, as you can’t copy the whole manuscript. In this case you’d need to export it to word or text and import it into dabble by copying and pasting.

You can split scenes with three stars or a pound sign.

Right now this is the only means of ‘importing’ from another source, but can be used to do some automation of your splitting