How to construct a message conversation to include in a book

hello Melissa here,
so i am almost finish with my first book. i am struggling with how to compile message conversation between me and someone else.

any ideas please.


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This is what I’ve been doing.


Looks like I good method to me.

You can also use the quote in dabble … click it twice and it’ll make it a block style indented. I do this in other books but I was being lazy.

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Thank you, i was going with something similar. do you think it’s wise to had this style as well are just stick to one?

the way that i am doing it is taking a bit longer than id hope, i might have to look at some novels for inspiration.

It’s tedious in dabble at the moment as we can’t create our own styles like in say word or something. But I imagine all formatting is going to be tedious in this sense. The only other way I can think of is the block quote cite but that’s not very mesage like. When I have a text message in my other books I have date and timestamps too in paranethesis. I do most of my formatting when I’m done with the scene. I just type out the text I want them format it. Or I use short cuts ctrl+b ctrl+i for bold and italics

But it’s formatting that’s going to be tedious no matter what you use unless you can have predefined styles (which dabble does not at the time)

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I have been using a twitter style of news messages in a story like this:

| United Space Traveling Nations @USTN_GOV · Mar 7

| Our #Heros of the #Pioneer have finally reached home! #Welcome! What stories have they brough from afar? #Fred

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