How to do a Scene Note

Hi all! I’m still slogging through Nanowrimo 2019, had to lower my word count goal from 50K to 19K, the length of a novella (got this advice at a mystery writers’ conference).

Scene Notes issue: I have created a few scene notes, but when I tried to create a new one today, I clicked on the + icon, clicked “new note,” then filled in the title and text. But then it didn’t “save” and appear on the right hand side in a box. IDEAS?

Thanks! Kate Cone


Hi Kate, a picture might be helpful.
A comprehensive discussion on the plot grid (where scene cards can be created and used to plan a novel(la)) can be found here

There are two types of plot grids, only one of which will tie new scene cards to your manuscript.
In short: Scene cards in a row will tie to a scene, scene cards in a column belong to different scenes. So you might just have used the wrong direction for new scene cards? OR a generic plot grid that doesn’t tie to your manuscript.

Hope that helps, Chris


It sounds like you created a new note in the Story Notes section. These are not tied to specific scenes.

Each scene has a notecard representation which appears on the right-hand side when you have the scene open, appears in the manuscript view, and appears in the plot grid in the left-hand column.

Plot points which also have a notecard representation can be put in the same row in the plot grid as a scene and they will show up when the scene is selected on the right side.