How to submit works in progress

I am quite new to the site and can’t discover where someone might submit a work in progress in order to garner some honest opinions on an early sample of my work. I cherish constructive criticism. The genre is Science fantasy, a planned series of novels with erotic elements.


Just post the work like you posted your question.

Thank you for your quick response. I didn’t realize it was quite that easy. Thank you.

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You will need to keep the erotic elements out of the forum posts. We have teens here and want to make sure it stays friendly for all ages. Looking forward to your work!


Yes, that would be a problem. Just have to wait to place the finished work. It is quite adult in nature. Only 18+. Thanks for the heads up.
I may even need to use a different app to present my work. This may be the wrong fit for what I write.


Nanowrimo has an erotica section. But, you have to make sure to post in the 18+ group.

Thanks, I’ll look into that. I appreciate the info.


I am interested