How to use new additions?

I just requested a feature. When I did a search on it, it has been suggested already and there are votes on it and so I added mine. (I would like highlighting among other things)
SO this made me curious to see what else has been suggested for features so far. While looking through the list I see the word “Done” in a green. It says different things have been implemented and are now functional.
I use the desktop version at the moment and I don’t see where these features are so that I can use them. The one that comes to mind first is the find and replace feature.
Can anyone help me out?
I’m loving this software and community and am pretty sure so far that I will be sticking with this instead of going to something else.
Happy writing!


Could you be more specific, WHAT you are looking for?

Find and Replace is available as with most text programmes via CTRL+F or CTRL+H. It highlights all scenes where the word or phrase is found. Careful, the “all” button goes across your entire manuscript. You can also opt to use the brower’s built-in functions, but you won’t need that for the desktop version (I also use the desktop and prefer it for my working style).

Short cuts for highlighting in italic / bold are CTRL+I and CTRL+B, resp. and there are different options for title sizes you can access via CTRL+(some number) *(apparently only in the notes section, but it’s nice to have them :slight_smile: ).

You can copy+paste links and images from websites, that will appear in manuscript and work from there, which is helpful for any kind of researching.

Note: Dabble works with a markup language, lots of stuff can be done through such keyboard shortcuts. Somebody probably has a link to an overview … ??


Thank you so much Chris! Your reply was very helpful!!


Neither the Desktop app nor the web version of Dabble have a find and replace menu so the feature can’t be discovered that way. I never noticed it until now but the magnifying glass brings up the search and replace widget. I’ve always typed CtrlF instinctively to find text.

That was a good question, Stormy. and Chris gave an excellent reply.


Oooh, today I learned how to type keyboard shortcuts in the forums! <kbd>Ctrl</kbd><kbd>F</kbd> makes CtrlF. That will be very helpful. Thanks @Johannes_Rexx!


The forum appears to support typing at least some HTML codes. So you can enter

math like A = π r 2 and E = MC2

or chemistry like CH4 + 2O2 → CO2 + 2H2O

Hmm, curious why I get a different popup text formatting menu in my Story Notes section vs my Manuscript section. I feel like the same menu should appear in both – what am I doing wrong? I use the web version.


You’re not doing anything wrong, it’s intended. The possibility to put links to webpages (and pictures!) is meant for research and quick references in the notes section only. The different title sizes might be distracting in the main manuscript, but could be used to structure the notes section even better. So only simple text formatting for the main text atm.


Ah hah. Makes a certain amount of sense – thanks for the explanation.

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If you think about MySpace vs Facebook in the early days, the former allowed you to customize whatever you wanted. People loved it. But it made the quality of the experience very poor. Dabble strives to keep things simple and improve everyone’s experience, despite what they want. We are looking at the big picture, the long play. This is also why we don’t offer lifetime prices because we are only getting started and Dabble’s value now is a lot lower than it will be in 5 years.


I beg your pardon my MySpace page was completely stylish! :grin:

The only place where I’ve ever felt like I was missing some text formatting options is in a section that I’ve got styled as a “report” where I imagined that on the page it might be in a monospace font vs a sans serif font… but reviewing it now, I get that Dabble is for writing and not for formatting. I think that makes sense.


We do plan on adding additional formatting options. I’m just going to be purposeful about it. E.g. instead of being able to select any text and change font size, font family, etc. you’ll change font for all body text. And if you have a particular element you want in your novel (like text messages or letters) you will define the style for that element and then use that element throughout the novel. If you want to change the style, you will only have to do it once and it will apply to all of those elements. Keeps it nice looking, easier to maintain, and easier when it comes time to export.


In my humble opinion, Jacob, this is exactly the correct approach. For example, if the writer wants all of the paragraphs to be indented, fully justified and spaced 1.5 lines from the one above it, that should be one global setting. If the writer wants all H1 headings to be left aligned, set in Typewriter font at 18 points, one setting should apply to all H1 headings.

Years ago I wrote a technical book using FrameMaker and the publisher insisted I use their template containing all of the required styles. I was not allowed to create any styles of my own. The product of my efforts was a beautifully formatted so-called camera ready PDF file.

No, I am not suggesting that Dabble should support style sheets and templates :smile: