I can't keep going through this

I have at least six chapters from the Mac version of the App that don’t show up now that I’ve logged into the version on my Chromebook. I have checked and I SAW that it had synced.

And yet, here they are missing. And I assure you, if I try to add them, there will be a mess on the final document with a ton of duplicate chapters and chapters in the wrong place. It happened before.

This is not acceptable! Why does it say my document is synced and then it isn’t???

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All right dude. Take a deep breath. It’ll be okay. Getting huffy isn’t going to solve the problem. Have you sent in a bug report? Tried chatting directly with support? When you’re on the actual dabblewriter and not the forums, simply go to the help drop down and you’ll have the option to go to the help center or chat with support.

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80% of the time it’s a local storage issue. You need to clear that.

And the best way to do that is to log out and then back in as it removes all old copies and downloads a new copy when it starts back up.

To be safe, copy those missing chapters, but I’m confident to say that they are likely on the server and you are alright. But just to be safe.

Log out of both versions and then back in. That should fix the issue.


We got everything sorted. It just took some time to sync up from the other computer.


@Jacob, is that going to be an issue with future long term users. I have several projects already in dabble, keeping using it without removing/archiving books or something it’s going to take a long time to sync specially if we are pulling everything in on a new computer. Or if you don’t use one for a long time.

I’ve noticed that with jotterpad on my phone it sits and syncs for a long time when I haven’t used my phone and drop box to write for a while.

I like the way one drive and dropbox (paid for plan - premium I think can do it) let all your files stay in the cloud until you need them. I realize that doesn’t let us work offline without first downloading. You can see a ‘tumbnail’ and file name.

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The problem here was a slow network on the source computer. That and it being 3 hours away, so he couldn’t just pop on over to ensure everything was synced.

Dabble stores each change as a separate entry. Every 200 changes it stores a snapshot of the project. When you are syncing fresh (or syncing after being offline on a computer for a long while) Dabble grabs the last snapshot and the changes since it was created. A project will only need to load the most recent changes (< 200) so we keep it fast.

When I add in versioning, it will download all the changes so you can scrub from the beginning of time to the current revision. I will do this in a staggered manner so you won’t have to sit there waiting for the next century to get to the more recent data.

Hope this helps give some color to the storage and syncing process for you @AJ_Hunter.

It’s more than just a slow network. Other network based apps or cloud apps like Google Docs don’t ever hang up a sync like this.

The Mac app itself must have a bug that prevents syncing in a timely manner. What’s so frustrating is that’s it’s not predictable.

It was DAYS after leaving the home Mac before it synced and TEN chapters had been missing. This means it hadn’t synced in ANY sort of reliable fashion—likely for DAYS before I even drove for vacation.

If this had been a small hiccup, that’s understandable, but it’s not. I’ll delete and redownload the app. I seem to remember that worked last time I had this problem…but…

The problem came back.

That means there is something that HAS to be fixed in the Mac app. I KNOW it’s just a shell for the web app… But that doesn’t matter. It doesn’t function even remotely like it’s supposed to if there are days or weeks between random syncs.

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Agreed. I’ll see what I can do.

It might be a problem with my Mac OS. My hope is that using only the web app will fix the problem. That pushes me back to before we had offline mode, but I don’t use that a lot and it might be exactly that which is screwing me up.

I added the ten missing chapters before it synced and of course, I got duplicates when it did.

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Where do we access previous versions? The goddamn undo wouldn’t restore my previous version and I lost new work. Until you have a way to access and keep previous version, this software is useless.

I ran into this issue and Jacob told me the keyboard shortcuts work no matter what, even if the menu option doesn’t.

So try to find those and write them down. Wait…

I’ve already forgotten them for Mac. Maybe Jacob could put them somewhere easy to find.

As frustrated as I was, Dabble’s just… home for me. I’ve rarely been this comfortable with a processor this quickly.

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Undo: Cmd+Z
Redo: Cmd+Shift+Z


Undo: Ctrl+Z
Redo: Ctrl+Y

I have context menus (right-click menus) on my list of things to help improve Dabble. Also Versioning to look back through changes.

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