I don't understand SYNC

Hello everyone! I use Dabble online, Dabble for PC and Dabble for my Android. All three show the sync cloud with a checkmark which should indicate they are synced to the cloud. Yet, when I go to either app, I only see the stories and edits I made in that app. In other words, the 3 apps aren’t syncing together so I end up with 3 different libraries of stories.

If I start a story online and then later move to the mobile app, it’s not there. I suppose I may be doing something wrong. If I click the cloud on either app, nothing happens. Any ideas? Thank you in advance!

Make sure your interenet is connected to the devices. I had a my wifi go on the fritz yesterday and my stuff wasn’t syncing right so I rebooted my machine to fix the internet.

If after a reboot of the machine in question I would contact support. They’d be best to help you in real time.

Hi AJ,
Yes all 3 devices have valid, strong, Internet connections. I have no idea what is causing this. It appears that although sync shows to have worked evidenced by the cloud with a checkmark, it hasn’t done so. I did start a support chat this morning but never heard back. I’ll wait to see what they suggest. The current situation is untenable. I’ll stick to using only one platform until it’s resolved.

Before I explain the solution, there are two things I want to mention. First, the SYNC issue was of my own doing, and second, thanks to Jacob working late on a Saturday on my behalf, he showed me the error of my ways and solved the problem.

Now for the solution!

I was writing under two separate accounts. I did not realize I had used two separate emails, one when I initially signed up for the free trial and another when I subscribed. My mobile app was using the free trial account and the desktop/online app was using the subscription account. I could have continued as is and remembered to switch back and forth. I could have migrated everything to one account myself. I could have Jacob merge the two accounts into one. I opted for the merge.

A few minutes later, I had all of my writings in one account, all were showing the latest updates and Jacob has a happy client for life, even though the problem was of my own doing. I cannot emphasize that enough. The only thing left to say is thank you, Jacob!


Just wanted to see if you have had any problems with the new version. I was working last night and all of the sudden the app froze, I can’t click into any other chapters and all my notes are gone. Nothing lets me click it. It happens as soon as I click something in the menu on the right. I’ve logged out and back in, same thing happens. I tried both Google and Safari to access it. Tried the web version and the app version. Very frustrating that I wanted to make some progress today and there isn’t anyone available to help.

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No ma’am! Everything is working great now. I’m not up to speed on things in the MAC world but if you have a thing called cache, have you tried clearing that in your browser window to see if that helps? Better yet, you may want to wait for someone more knowledgeable than me before you start tinkering with things.

Did your trial end? Though you shouldn’t lose access to your documents, but you definitely can’t edit them.

Login in and out should do the same thing as I’m gonna suggest, but maybe it’ll help

In Preferences, there is a Clear Application Cache button and a Clear Database Button.

Try clicking the clear application button first, and see if it resolves your problem. If not try the database button (but this one should have the same effect as logging out and back in again)

I’ve been using Dabble for several months so it’s not a trial issue. I cleared the cache and database, still not working. Apparently the help desk isn’t available till 11:00 so I’m waiting for them to open :frowning:

It’s just weird that’s it happening on every computer I tried.

Going to talk to the help desk soon :slight_smile:

Sounds like the best plan. Sorry you are having issues accessing your stuff.

:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: This is why I love the writing community. You would never see this in the gaming world. :joy: You all are amazing.


We got this fixed a few days ago, but just to follow up, Rebecca was amazing enough to find a crash that happened when you had links in your comments and you opened the comment history. Missed testing that exact scenario. :joy:


Working perfect now!

Jacob is awesome and yes, I’m another customer for life because of his exceptional concern for writers.