I LOVE being able to customize the navigation page width

I just resumed my subscription after a many-month lapse. And of course I noticed many positive changes.

But my favorite by far (and so far) has to be being able to customize the widths of the left and right columns, especially the left one. It always drove me nuts that I either had to keep the name of the elements short or deal with not seeing all of the title. It was especially bad when I used Dabble on my small Chromebook.

Great job and kudos, Jacob


Hoo boy! Just noticed you could toggle the columns on and off as well! It’s like Christmas!


Thanks! I didn’t realise you could do that until you mentioned it.

Well, this is about a year and a half late, but this is exactly the feature I was going to ask about.

I’m not able to figure out how to do this.

@Jacob Does this feature still exist? Do I need to be on a computer? I have 2 android tablets and an ipad. No computer. I’ve tried dragging edges of everything and clicking everywhere on the screen on all three devices.

Is there a trick?

Thank you in advance for your help. :grin:

You use these two tiny arrowheads at the bottom of each column:


But I must have phrased my problem poorly. Those arrows are awesome for giving me a substantial increase in writing space. But my problem is that I would like to occasionally widen that left hand column even further. My scene column.

To cite examples using your image… Your phrase “An improbability o…” is cut off, as is “A contradiction of…” because of the width of that panel.

My “scene naming conventions” are such that the beginnings of the scene names are frequently repetitive, for reasons that would bore you to death. (Trust me.):crazy_face:

It would be awesome to be able to widen that (left-hand) panel, occasionally, to reveal the entirety of the scene title.

This is what I found online, in a blog by Jacob (Though I fear that it refers solely to the computer version)


I made some nice improvements to the sidebars for you.

  1. I allowed titles in the left-hand nav to use a little more room so the text doesn’t cut off as short.
  2. I made the left and right-hand sidebar width adjustable — larger or smaller — by clicking the edge and dragging. Double-click the edge to restore to default.