I'm using Miro to brainstorm and plot my novel

For a while, I’ve been using MindMeister to brainstorm my plots. Then once the plot is tight enough, reproduce in Dabble.

But lately, I’ve been using Miro to do my brainstorming and plotting. It’s a virtual (and collaborative) whiteboard. Can post text, Post-Its, photos, links, etc in any configuration you can imagine.

For an idea on how I’m using it, here’s an annotated screenshot.


You’re clearly not a panster!

The screenshot actually crops off the right hand side of your Miro board. Yet it barely fits on my 3840x2160 display. Unfortunately it’s hard to read some of the Post-it notes. I wonder if a complete PDF “screenshot” is worth sharing with the group?

Interesting use! I use Miro on the day job and a lot of it feels unintuitive to me compared to things like Trello, the old Skype for Business whiteboard, or physically plotting on a whiteboard or corkboards. But it’s neat to see it used this way. :slightly_smiling_face:


Speaking of Trello, I am a huge fan of Kanban boards. But being afflicted with the Open Source way of thinking I’ve settled on Wekan. It’s always running in the background of my Linux machine. When I need it I open a web browser to, login if necessary, and do the Kanban.

This is how I track my To Do things. I’ve not used it to do any actual plotting.

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I’ve been using the Dabble plotter (the stand-alone one that is not associated with the scenes) as sort of a simple Kanban board; I move the note card from column to column: To-do, in-work, and completed. That has worked really well for me. If there is a scene that I need to writer something I need to fix, I just make a new note card.


Re: open source alternatives, I’ve been really digging Quire.io recently – it’s more a project management tool (think Asana/Basecamp) than a dedicated kanban board. But it has a kanban view that’s nice and clean.

I’ve not been great at sticking to using it for organising my writing projects (I keep defaulting to my usual todo list on TickTick or just holding plans in my head) but I’m trying! I’m still in two minds whether it’s beneficial to use a seperate project management tool for writing projects versus just using my day-to-day todo list, though. I might just be procrastinating with it!

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