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Can you import Scrivener files into Dabble? I’ve been using Scrivener for some time but would be interested in trying Dabble.

Most of my work has been created using Scrivener, but if Dabble can’t read the files there’s not much chance of me switching.


David Smith


Importing is not currently possible. Jacob is diligently working on the features on the roadmap available… Go to the feature requests below and up vote the import.

General Roadmap
Requested Features


It should only take 15-20 minutes to import a finished novel using copy-paste, less for a WIP depending on length. Just create all the chapters and scenes in Dabble, then copy from Scrivener and paste into Dabble.

It is tedious and mind-numbing but pretty quick. Sorry we don’t have something to import directly! It will take a lot of work to make it work with everyone’s Scrivener projects since Scrivener is so flexible. You can have text on folders, any depth of folder structure, and nothing that says “This is a chapter, this is a part, this is a scene” except for the attribution you give them. So a Scrivener import will need to be a wizard that has you tell it what is what. It is something I want to do, but mobile, images, co-authoring, comments, etc. are all higher up in value and priority right now.


Thanks Jacob.

I hear and understand what you say about flexibility. I’ve a number of drafts under Scrivener, but I’m moving from.Windows to linux, so a move to Dabble could well be on the cards.


David Smith



At present I have a perfectly good working Macintosh computer. The problem is that I am getting tired of the walled garden.

  • Apple decides to deprecate OpenGL in favor of its proprietary Metal API.
  • Apple decides to stop supporting 64-bit apps in Catalina.
  • Apple decides that a perfectly working early 2008 Mac Pro won’t run Catalina.
  • Apple decides what personal data it collects.
  • Apple decides to put a T2 chip inside Macintoshes so Linux won’t run.
  • Apple decides macOS is not allowed to run on PC hardware
  • Apple decides the 2019 Mac Pro will cost $6000.

Enough is enough. I’m the customer. I get to decide. And with Linux that is exactly how the boat floats.

I doff my hat in @Jacob’s direction because Dabble runs perfectly fine in a web browser under Linux. Life is good.

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Almost thou persuadest me to leave Apple.

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I feel a rant coming on. Bear with me :smile:

Linux is all about freedom. It’s called a free operating system not because it is zero cost but because it gives freedom to the user. Freedom to make copies of Linux, to run it on multiple computers, to give copies away to others, freedom to examine the source code and make changes to it, and to give those changes away as well.

It’s amazing to me that, in this day and age, it’s a crime to make copies of Windows and macOS. Seriously. Have we become that complacent about freedom?

Rights not exercised are lost

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I left Apple for all those reasons and have not regretted it at all. I am using Linux Mint.

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Linux Mint the MATE version is a good choice according to a friend of mine who used it to give an old PC new life. The MATE desktop environment is relatively light weight. Old computers don’t generally have as much RAM or as many CPU cores so that’s a welcome feature.

And since Dabble runs exactly the same in a web browser on Linux as the macOS/Windows Desktop edition I continue to support it.