In Service Thingy

So like, Novlr and Livingwriter are like advertising in their roadmap that in service things (agents, editors, etc) would be coming soon through their writing platform. I’m not entirely sure how that works, but is Dabble thinking of this? I know I can suggest it but I didn’t want to make anything redundant. Course, if dabble isn’t it’s not a dealbreaker I just wanted to know. :slight_smile:

Sorry for my weird words. It’s too early in the morning for this.


I believe Jacob is working toward having co-authoring as the next big feature. This I think is the ability to let others write with you.

I do believe that the ability to have like an editor or beta reader is on Jacob’s radar. On the roadmap in the future features you can see:


  • Putting scenes or chapters online for friends to view
  • Getting beta readers feedback
  • Writer-editor workflow, let editor make changes and comments, writer chooses which to keep

I must’ve said something confusing, but I do realize that he’s busy.

I was just wondering about in services such as cover artist, editors, agents, and stuff.

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Do you mean the ability to hire them? I think that’s outside the scope of what Dabble is aiming for. But I don’t know for certain. I know Jacob would like to provide educational aspects to dabble in the distant future (things like workbooks and video lessons – it’s on the road map too).

But the ability to share with others is on the roadmap but there are no dates.

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I didn’t really think of that way. But I guess it’s sort of out of what a writing software does and could be sort of clunky.

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Dabble’s number one goal is to provide simple writing software with a lot of features.

It seems to me Novlr and Livewriter are targeting BookBaby, and Reedsy as competitor who do focus on those aspects.

As my personal opinion I’d like to keep my writing software separate from the publishing side. I have a lot of things that are never going to see the light of day. But I’d like to share them with people, just not at that level necesarily.


BUT feel free to make the suggestion. I do not think it’s there. But it’s been a bit since I’ve scanned the requested feature set.


I’m busy ATM, I’ll do it later.

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If there is demand for a marketplace like Reedsy and we feel we have something to add to that space, it is something we could consider. But there are so many great ways to improve Dabble now that it is not a blip on our roadmap right now. We are more likely to provide a publishing community first where you can publish your work online and earn money from it.

If we do create a marketplace, it will be a separate product/service which works well with Dabble.

We will be creating editor workflows to make it easy to receive edits from them within Dabble.


Oh okay, thanks. What should I suggest then?

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You can suggest it, see if others are interested, and that may move us to create it. “A marketplace for writers to find editors, artists, and other help” could be what you suggest, but it’s up to you what exactly you want. :slight_smile:

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