Inferno’s Den - Opening

Inferno’s Den

By: David Serra

Chapter 1

We were 11-years-old when we found a fossilized dragon claw in the woods. In the year 2011 autumn rapidly approached, it rained for three days straight. That day the weather cleared up significantly and we strolled through the woodland park of my hometown at the time. My friend Darryl Kemar was taking pictures of the lush woods with a digital camera while Andrew Merek, a brainy friend of ours, was searching the ground for unique rocks to add to his collection. My Mom, Helen, trailed behind us in her hiking gear; she always had a knack for being outdoors.

The dampness of the ground squished under our shoes with every step and the air was both mild when the sun shown but cool when it hid behind the clouds. The sound of woodland critters filled our ears and the smell of earth and mildew lingered in the air. I was scanning the scenery with an on and off grin. My mind was on my Dad, John Osipowitz. He was a businessman at the time whose company was falling under due to lack of funds. I lost count of all the times he came home complaining about his hellish day to Mom. I wished that I could’ve helped him somehow.

“Darryl, Teddy I found something!” called Andrew.

We turned towards him; he was digging up what looked like a claw-shaped branch sticking up out of the ground with his mini-shovel.

“What’d you find now?” asked Darryl.

“I think it’s a dinosaur bone.”

“You found a what?” Mom asked, astonished.

We headed towards him; the excitement grew in all of us. Darryl and I help him unearth the fossilized claw and dragged it onto the clearing of the path. Mom looked it over, we all got ecstatic.

“What kind of dinosaur is it?” I asked.

“Don’t know, we should report this to a museum.” She replied.

“Hey look what’s that?”

I noticed something embedded in the center of the claw; Mom pried it out with her fingers. She wiped it off with a tissue, what we were gazing at was a worn-out but still in reasonable condition gold coin.