Inserting New Chapter Between Others

HI all, I’m reorganising and revising an older novel.

I’ve discovered I need to insert the odd new chapter I’m writing between existing ones, but it’s not easy.

Currently, I’ve been writing the ‘new chapter’ in an existing chapter then copying and pasting the new content, creating a new scene in an existing chapter so I can see it waiting, then leaving it as a ‘second scene’ until I know how to create a new chapter.

Anyone know what I need to do please?

Thanks in advance.
sjb x


Hopefully I’m not describing this (or understanding the question) poorly but on the left hand side under manuscript, you can drag and drop chapters (and the scenes in that chapter) into any order. So you can make a new chapter by clicking the three dots next your book title in that list under and then drag the new chapter into place.

Or if you click on “manuscript” you see all your scenes with little dividers to indicate chapters. Hover (I think) between any two scenes and you’ll see a button to add a new chapter or add a scene.


To add a new chapter just select the plus button or select from the three dots menu. It will then add a new chapter in the next available slot ie below the current chapter. The same goes for scenes. But remember you can only have scenes within chapters and they will added below the current scene if you are within a chapter. You cannot add chapters inside chapters or scenes, they will be added below the current chapter if selected from within a chapter.
Hope that helps, also take a look at the Help Centre.


Pro tip: clicking the three dots next to an item and adding something that way will place that item inside at the very end. If you use the + (plus) button at the very top, it will place the item at the next available spot after the selected page. So if you select the previous chapter (or a scene within it), then add a new chapter with the plus button at the top, it will insert a new chapter after your currently selected one.


Thanks for clarifying that I obviously got it the wrong way round!


Thanks so much, Jacob. Feel quite honoured that the Dabble Founder took time to answer as well as other people. Thanks so much to you all for answering. Have sussed it now too so happiness all around. :slight_smile:

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