Introduce Yourself

Welcome to the community! Tell us a bit about yourself.


I’ll start.

I live in Colorado, have 6 kids, love being a dad, and enjoy baking.

My favorite books to read are YA, mostly speculative fiction. So these are also the types of books I want to write.

I’m a programmer by day, wanna-be writer by night. The 2 main goals I’ve had in my adult life is to build my own software product & company and to write and publish successful novels. Dabble is my way to work towards both.

I decided I wanted to write over 8 years ago. I had put down several books that disappointed me and decided instead of wishing someone else would write the next Harry Potter, I should try to do it myself. Since I taught myself to program, I figured I could teach myself to write. I don’t care to get wealthy, I just want to write books that instill a sense of wonder and excitement in my readers.


Hi! I’m Tori.

I’m from Sydney Australia where I live with my husband. I’m an HR/Payroll Officer during work hours, however I’m also known to sneak plenty of words when no one is looking.

My favourite books are fantasy. I like both YA and Adult fantasy, so long as it has interesting characters I’m happy. I also take a kind of guilty pleasure in reading books that aren’t well written. It’s fun to know how not to do things.

Looking forward to meeting you all again! :slight_smile:


I live on the Gulf Coast in Mississippi, the ugly brown water of Mississippi is a mile or so from my house.

I’ve been writing since I was a kid. I picked it back up in college, and then again after my kids were self-sufficient and not quite so demanding of my attention.

My favorite books are urban fantasy - also the genre in which I tend to write, thought I have tried my hand a some modern day romances, and epic fantasy.

I am a web developer by day, and parent of 2 very different girls, married my online sweet heart. Other than writing, I like to read and game (and mostly spend time with my family) I also dabble in coding projects while I’m not working, but nothing overly serious at the moment.

I have a daily blog where my MC either shares my current work in progress drafts or rambles on and on about his life and how much of a tortured soul he is because of me. You can find him at The Mind of Nox.


Until very recently, I was a resident of Northern California, but a series of fortunate events let us relocate to rural Utah. My favorite fictional reading material is Mil-SF and “space opera”, non fiction is history and science, but what I write is supernatural horror and cultural-SF fiction, and non-fiction memoirs.

My spouse and I are both engineers, retired (100% now!), so I have lots of time to write…



I was born and raised in Chicago but not live in Music City USA – Nashville, Tennessee. I’ve been in love with writing ever since I was a little girl but I do accounting for an environmental engineering company to pay my bills and fund my fun. Dabble has become my favorite since trying it, and winning, 2018 NaNoWriMo and looking forward to future conversation with the community here as well as getting all these crazy worlds out of my head! Cheers!


Hi everyone, my name is Rob Lovicz and I am a new writer, but I put my mind into writing at least 500 words a day and work 40 hours a week at the same time. I have developed a good habit and I look forward to writing. Now whether it is worth anyone’s time to read it is another story :laughing:

I enjoy using Dabble because I have many devices that I switch to and from and my writing is on them all whenever I need them.

It’s good to meet each of you and look forward to the future.


Hi, everyone! I’m Tatiana. I’m from Maywood, New Jersey, born and raised. My favorite past time consists of writing stories, playing big fish games, and watching 3 am challenges and other videos on youtube. I also love baking and, playing with my dog, and knocking common sense into my best friend, who seems to get herself into horrible situations.

My favorite books to read are fanfiction (Digimon, Rise of the Guardians), YA, adventure, fantasy, folklore, and mystery.

I currently work at CVS as a pharmacy tech, attend online school for accounting, and writing fanfiction stories.


hello all,
my name is Ruby, I live in Albury, NSW, Australia. It’s a large regional town halfway between Melbourne and Sydney, known for its artisan foods, proximity to wine growing country, and the mighty Murray River that runs through it. It also has an interesting history if you care to dig, as there were lots of bushrangers around here. Old locals still tell of missing fortunes of gold, mysterious deaths in old (‘haunted’) houses, and of course, ghosts along the river.

I write fiction for women, 55+, a combination of mystery and second chance life. Amazon calls it sister fiction, but I call it fiction for your mother and her friends.

I’ve been scribbling since I learned to write, decades ago. My first story - in lead pencil on 1967 jotter paper, was four pages long. It was about a broken down car in a junk yard and how he came to be there. Looking back, I can see my curiosity about people and the situations they find themselves has been a constant theme. Now I just mix it up with a bit of genre, and call it story. :grin:

Also been a long time scrivener user, and love writing software. Keen to see if Dabble will work for me as I’m a bit tired of waiting for the new Scriv for Windows.

Looking forward to seeing you all around!


I’m Chris, currently living in Madrid, Spain, hello there!

I’m one of those failed people who wrote fiction in high-school, never finished anything, but kept everything they ever produced. NaNoWriMo has changed my life. I learnt that I can progress despite my day job by just dedicating some time. I haven’t finished my high-school novels, but I value these early ideas from a more mature perspective.
I’m an on the road writer, traveling lots for my job, handwriting on the plane or train. Always carry my Moleskin notebook around :smiley: .

You could say I am experimenting … NaNoWriMo 2017 I wrote lots of short stories, trying out many different genres around the theme of sorrow and regrets (and cherishing life at the other end of it). Now I am learning about the editing process, a tough one. I think, I might publish those short stories soonish.

Dabble has become my central writing tool and I love how it is maturing and this community is coming together, as I progess on being something like a writer.


Hi all,

My name is Hannah and I am an aspiring author. I devour books like it’s my job–anything from YA fantasy, horror, mystery, creative nonfiction, etc. I love to read and I especially love to see how reading transforms my craft of writing. I am currently working on a novel and a horror short story collection.

Very excited to be a part of a community of like-minds. I hope to hold myself accountable to my goals through Dabble and the community here.


Hi! I’m Elina and I live in Finland, near to Oulu. I have been writing since I was really young. I like the most fantasy, scifi and ya. I also read fanfiction but I don’t really write it. However I’m active in a fanfiction community. My dream is to publish a book - someday. I study right now to became a practical nurse. I also study in high school.


Hi Tori! Good to meet another Tori! <3


That is extraordinaTori! :wink:


@Chris, are you a dad? :laughing:


I’m Tori. I’ve been a writer and an artist for as long as I can remember. Sadly, being a full time student and working full time has been completely shattering my creative motivation, but I’m trying to push through it.

I live in Utah where I have 2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 lizards, a hedgehog and multiple fish tanks (and another tank on the way) and most of my animals are rescues.

My favorite books to read and write are YA fantasy, though I do also enjoy writing adult fantasy. Falling on the LGBTQ spectrum myself, my biggest goal is to increase diversity in the genre.

Also, I’m terribly addicted to FaceBook (but I do need it to keep in touch with friends and family in Europe). Any tips on breaking this addiction? :joy::joy:


It’s especially good to meet another Tori spelled the same! :smile:


Hello, Felicia here from Tucson, AZ where I live with my husband of thirty-five years. Our three children are scattered around the country - no grandchildren yet - but we have Max, the Rat Terrier to keep us company.

I’ve always written for myself… journals, poems, short stories - but when I had to take early retirement fourteen years ago because of chronic illnesses, I started putting more time into it. A friend told me about NaNoWriMo in 2014 and I’ve been taking the challenge every year since.

I’ve self-published two women’s fiction books, am working on a book 2 to one of those books, and am collaborating on a medical suspense series with another author. I’m a long-time Scrivener user, but love the ease and cleanness of Dabble. (And the updates are spot on!)

I read a little bit of everything, but gravitate to women’s fiction, hard-boiled suspense and literary fiction.

I run a free book blog with daily posts, Nesie’s Place, and it’s open to all indie authors.

Coffee is my obsession and I’m usually drinking it or making some! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m on social media everywhere… sometimes too much! :grin:



I am Varun Prabhu from Mumbai, India. In my early thirties and single yet, so I got a lot of time on my hands for writing. I am an avid reader, a passionate writer and an entrepreneur. I manage a brand called Urna Creative, which is a content studio specializing in services like ghostwriting and editing. Slowly getting into creative branding, swag, retail and merchandising, branding and advertising, and website development for authors. All of this is part of a longer business plan of course. Every one of it is geared at authors.

I also manage literature festivals and am part of a team that manages a huge online writers group. I also organize book and film clubs, also do short films sometimes.

As a reader, I love anything speculative fiction, especially fantasy and horror. I love dark fantasy, tragic tales, etc. Mythology and folklores are my obsession. And as a writer, I write the same genres.

Coffee and chocolates are next. Am a social media and a tv show addict. Cover addict too, if I may be so bold. Art is my muse.

Well, that about it.

P.S: forgot, am an ambivert. :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile: