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Hi everybody!

I’m Charlene. I’m 37, live in California, and work as an assistant manager for a video game retail chain. I’ve been writing since I was about ten, and hope to someday get a book out there and published.

When I’m not working, I’m at the gym, playing games, or writing. I read widely, anything from speculative fiction, to military fiction, to true crime, to whatever catches my fancy, day to day.

My current goals are to try and get back on track with my writing again, something that got derailed between a super nasty bout of depression, my work life getting overwhelming (before I got my promotion, I was working two jobs and a lot of hours) and a recent move into a new apartment.

I look forward to watching all of your writing journeys, and seeing how we all progress!


Chris, you have what Stephen King calls trunk novels! Someday, he argues, you can come back to those stories and apply what you have learned to remake them.

I also never throw away anything I have written. Like the old joke about loving pancakes—I have trunks of them in the attic! (Or in my case, on multiple hard drives, in case of failure…)


Sounds like you have an easy source for inspiration in that best friend of yours :smile:

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I’m Bryn,
Father of 4 living in CO with my sweetheart of almost 20 years. I pay the bills as a company’s lawyer in the technology space. I love athletics, the outdoors (biking, skiing, trail running, hiking), movies (action or comedy), good books, bad puns and time spent doing just about anything with friends and family. I’ve been cheering @Jacob along on the sidelines since early days of Dabble and am thrilled to see how it has grown into such a great platform.

I love SF/fantasy and historical fiction. Also non-fiction books in the psychology/economics/business realm (think Freakonomics or Never Split the Difference).

My current writing project is in the children’s area. My kids love some fireside tales I have told them over the years on camping trips and are encouraging me to write them down. Progress is SLOW because my commitment has been low, but I’m close to finishing my first rough draft.


I’m Maya/Mira (Pen Name).

I live in Ontario Canada and run the Quills and Keyboards Slack Writing Group. I write fantasy and science fiction in its varying forms. My main goals include writing for a living, working in publication design focusing on layout design for print and ebooks, and learning everything I can about everything. I’ve been writing since I was very young but have decided to focus on it as my primary goal in the last six years.

Side projects include making Nerd tea over on

Looking forward to getting to know everyone!

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Hi, everyone. My name is Claire and I live in the cold, cold Pocono mountain region in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

My day job is a relationship/personal banker for a regional bank. My night job is at a sub shop in a grocery store. My “during the day when I should be working” job is a writer. I get it in where I can, since I work 60+ hours a week so I have to find the little spaces of time to jot down a few sentences when nothing else is going on. It’s one of the reasons I love Dabble, apart from how nice it looks and how easy it makes writing–I can log into my novel from pretty much any computer and pick up right where I left off, but also with the same organizational tools as other writing programs I used previously.

I’m 31 years old and I have my B.A. in English from Penn State. I’ve been writing for literally as long as I can remember (I have a really crappy memory though, so that might not be saying much). I started doing NaNoWriMo when I was a sophomore in high school and I’ve struggled to do it every year since then. I got to be ML a couple times, most recently this past November for the NEPA/Scranton region.

I think I’m a decent writer, at least above average, and I’d love to make money from my writing but sometimes (often) I think I’m just not quite good enough. I’m still working on the novel I started this past NaNo and it definitely feels more promising than anything I’ve written previously, so I guess we’ll see how it goes…


So I had an intro up on the old site, and I totally forgot to wander back and put one back in so! Here I go.

My name is Skye. I’m a 25 year old woman currently living in Kansas. I’ve been writing in some capacity since I was about 9 years old.My “real” job is as a remote (on the phone) technical support agent. Currently I support an internet service provider, previously I’ve supported other ISPs, and also apple products. I originally tried to go to college for veterinary medicine but things… happened. Life happened, and I ended up not being able to stay in school due to costs.

I’m primarily known for fanfiction, and a lot of my dabble projects are such. I’m aware that means I’m not a ‘real’ writer in most people’s eyes but here we are. My main original projects are high fantasy based and I quite enjoy world building.

I’ve participated in NaNo several times and this year (2018) was my first win ever, and I attribute it to Dabble’s keeping me on task with focus mode and also the ability to get it to spit out goals for me on the fly and update those goals from day to day, when I only managed to get say 15 words in one day.

I ran into Dabble during its trial in 2017 nano, and I’ve been using it on a semi-regular basis ever since. The only thing dabble doesn’t have that ever use is the ability to share a readable link to outsiders either while I’m working or after. Before Dabble I was using ywriter and liquid story binder, both of which never quite felt “natural” to me.

I love Dabble, and I love watching how much it’s grown, and I can’t wait to see where it goes in the future.


I’m David.

Like Jacob, I’m a programmer by day (well, technically, I’m up in the management level these days), and have gotten the writing bug, which occupies a lot of my evenings and weekends now.

I’ve actually published two technical books in the early 2000s, which, oddly, still earn me royalties (it’s awkward to tell the IRS I made 5000 cents last year from my books :slight_smile: ). I’ve also been paid to publish a few technical articles in magazines (back when, you know, people actually bought magazines in stores),

My decision to take up writing fiction was more of a sudden inspiration, rather than the result of careful planning and thinking. Basically that means I’m trying to pull up various guides from experienced authors while I’m trying to put my story together (conjure image of juggling kittens and meat cleavers while on a unicycle).

I live in Austin(ish) with my wife, who patiently puts up with my quirks. I’ve also carefully selected a circle of friends who think my writing is amazing and beyond reproach. I think it’s important to acquire groupies well before a publisher offers you a deal. :smiley:

I’ve been a user of Scrivener in the past, but because I work on multiple computers (both Macs and PCs) and often want to scribble something the moment it strikes me, I felt an online novelization tool was a better choice. Because I’m a computer nerd, I reviewed 15 different online tools before I settled on Dabble. So, at least those of you in this community can breathe a sigh of relief — this is a great tool with what appears to be a great future!


My name is Chet. I didn’t realize I hadn’t introduced myself yet.

I’m a huge fan of Dabble and I use it for all my work now. I’ve completed a Dark Contemporary Fantasy novel that treats the Norse Jötnar as a displaced people in modern times and I’m most of the way through my first LitRPG/RPG GameLit novel called The Death Mechanic.

For food and rent, I work as an RN with a Cardiac Stepdown specialty. I’m from the Northern Midwest, but I live in the Southeast.

I’m also a Line and Style editor with a building clientele. It’s not enough to quit nursing yet, but it’s not nothing.


Hi, I’m Kae, a New Yorker who lives in San Antonio now with my husband so that we can be near our daughter and grandchildren.
I finished my first novel thanks to Dabble and NaNoWriMo. Right now I have some beta readers checking it. My big challenge is editing. I know passages could be weeded out, but I have trouble knowing which ones.
Glad to be here and thanks to Jacob for establishing the site. Good luck to all of us!


Hi everybody!

This is Johannes Rexx and I enjoy the Pacific Northwest. I love to read SciFi and watch Star Trek regularly. I have more books than my bookshelves can hold so you see my problem.

I’m presently writing a novel about self-driving vehicles and wrote the first draft during NaNoWriMo with DabbleWriter. I loved the experience and subscribed. Jacob has a good thing going and I fully support his efforts.


Hello there! I’m Catherine but some call me CG. I am a newish Dabble user and am excited to transition my writing from a bunch of disorganized Word and Google docs and into this lovely app. I have one just-about-completed novel that I’m happy with and hesitantly sending to beta readers. I am planning to polish up my new novel (NaNoWriMo 2018) during CampNaNoWriMo (yay!), where I’ll really get to test drive Dabble!

I’m currently writing science fiction but used to write a lot of travel essays and that influence still lingers in my writing. If I’m not writing, it’s because I’m procrasti -cleaning, -baking, or -cooking. Let’s just say that we eat really well and my house is sparkling at the moment.

I’m from Baltimore, lived in San Francisco for 15 years, and just recently relocated to the Pacific Northwest. I think I saw some PNW neighbors on this thread :wave:


Hi all,

I’m Kacey. I’ve been using Dabble (intermittently) for quite a while now and I’m trying to really get back into my writing groove. I used to write all the time in University and now I’m jut struggling to find time and motivation. I’m eagerly awaiting the eventual release of Dabble mobile.

I write a lot of fantasy and dabble (hah!) in sci-fi now and again. I used to write a lot of fanfiction, but moved away from it after about a decade – though I keep trying to get myself to at least finish all the ones I never got around to concluding.
Every year I attempt to complete NaNoWriMo and every year I do not manage it. I’m hoping to at least succeed at CampNaNo this month, but I’m already off to a non-start.


Hi Kacey @Water,
the great thing about Camp is, that you can set your own goal (hours, lines or classical word count target). Choose something less overbearing than November’s 50k and you will see, you can manage! Any target you can make during Camp is gonna do wonders for your future motivation and confidence!

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I have definitely completed one CampNaNo with 30,000 words and felt really good about it. Part of my problem this year is that I still haven’t decided what I really want to work on and we’re already on day three.


You can do it, hang in there! NaNoWriMo Novembers are really tough for me, I think, due to the Thanksgiving holiday in the US. A certain amount of it for me was the willingness to get up early to write and if necessary stay up late, too (which was fun, because I hosted some online write ins). Last year was also the first year I attended some in-person write ins and I was amazed at how useful they were for upping my word counts.

I use Google Docs to write on my phone (mostly when I’m riding the bus somewhere) and then copy the updates into Dabble.


Hi there! I’m Donna, and I’ve been using Dabble for about 18 months, but not consistent on my use.

By day I am a pharmacy technician, and by night I’m an aspiring writer/crafter.

I live in upstate NY with my husband and our two pit bulls. We’re working towards our dream of moving back to Florida. Someday.

I want my writing to be successful so that I can allot myself more time to focus on it.

And, I have about 12 partially written novels on various notebooks, Dabble, and computers.


Hi. I’m Steve and I love science fiction and have always dabbled (ahem) in writing but have not ever finished anything worthwhile. So my time is coming :slight_smile: I really like Dabble and Dabble does actually help me to write and make me appreciate a clutter free work environment.

By day I run the business and day to day management of a GP surgery and it’s attached pharmacy - stressful/insane workload but it pays the bills and we get to care for people - so not all bad!

My real life is about my family (naturally!), reading sci-fi, making sci-fi 3d art (using Blender if anybody cares), running (did my first marathon last Sunday in London - and I am going to tell you about it even if you didn’t want to know :wink: ) , photography and a bit of writing.

Hope to get involved on the forums as I progress my current story in Dabble.

Best wishes


I CARE ABOUT BLENDER :heavy_heart_exclamation:
Got myself the 10 year aniversary Art Book of Blender Movies . Beautiful, insightful … as I have no artistic talent, Blender helps hiding that with hard work :smiley: .

Welcome to the Dabbleverse!

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I love writers who are artists I try so hard to draw but I suck and it’s hard to make enough free time for all the things I want to do Write, code, draw, read… family always comes first but hobbies come close.