iPad Keyboard Setting - Please help this Apple newbie!

I’ve bought an iPad as a laptop replacement. Previously, I was using a Windows 10 Surface Book.
There are a few quirks that I’ve found as I write in Dabble, and I’m thinking it’s an iPad setting issue.

  1. Formatting - CMD + I or CMD + B will change the format for the first letter of the next word I type, but then it goes back to plain text. EX: What are you doing?
    — My current solution is to type out the whole passage that needs the formatting, highlight it, then reformat it. It’s doable, but it slows me down. Any ideas on how to fix it?

  2. Auto-Cap, I had to turn off auto capitalization entirely because it would recognize punctuation at the end of a person’s thought or dialog as starting a new sentence. (Ok, I get that) Nothing I did at the one time keyboard entry allowed me to change it. EX. “What are you doing?” He shouted.
    — My current solution is to turn it off, but that turns off Auto-Cap for the whole device.

  3. Predictive text is a little weird, but I don’t use it that much right now. I may turn it off, but, again, that turns it off for the whole device.

Any suggestions for keyboard settings for this Apple newbie would be greatly appreciated (even/especially if you have recommendations for quirks I’ve not mentioned here.)

(Running iOS 15.1 and typing with Magic Keyboard.)