Is there any way to create a copy of a book or manuscript in Dabble?

I tried this, but haven’t found a way yet.

Reason for the question: I created a manuscript with structures and chapters to help write a snowflake for a story (you know, that plotting strategy?).

I’d like to use that structure to write snowflakes of various stories, and for that I’d have to create copies of the manuscript.

I tried exporting it, hoping that I can import it again and give it a different name.

Does anybody know a solution to this?



At present there is no import and there is no way to copy a manuscript. It is in the works but right now it’s a manual process.


Hey Vicky, if you set up a novel with a given structure, I can duplicate it for you on my end a number of times. It isn’t the best solution, but it will save you from a lot of manual work until I can add that feature. Hit me up in support chat.

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