Keeping track of word count post NaNo

Hello there!

I absolutely loved how easy it was to set up a goal and track the needed word count for NaNoWrimo. Unfortunately, my novel is nowhere near finished even at 50k words, so I would love to continue doing that.

So the question is - how do I update my goal for something greater than 50k? How do I set up my own timeframe for when I want to achieve that bigger goal?

Thank you!


That’s no problem, you can set goals for each of your projects separately independently of NaNo. The only thing with NaNo was the synching and submitting of your word count to the NaNo site.

You need to go to the settings tab of “Goals and Stats” that cog wheel icon on the outer upper right. The rest is the same:

  • Set your personal deadline and choose the part of your manuscript which will be the input for the word count.
  • Choose days off in the second tab, if you don’t wanna write on Mondays (I’m like Garfield! I hate Mondays!).
  • Choose to exclude some words if you want to start counting towards a new goal above what you have already written.

Thank you so much! That was very helpful.

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