Keyboard Shortcuts

CAn anyone tell me if there are any keyboard shortcuts in Dabble, other than the generic windows cut, paste, bold, italics type stuff?

Or an ability to make them yourself?

The really irritating move for me is having to reach for the mouse every time I want to create a new file - that really should be available on the keyboard. Also being able to collapse/expand the Navigation bar itself and the folders (at the moment you have to do this to each individual folder I think, and with the mouse: surely you should be able to collapse/expand the whole directory sstructure with something like CMD-right/left arrow?)



At the moment the only other one I’m aware of is ctrl+s to sync manually (if available – online) and I’m only partially sure that is an option.

And I’m not sure if they are on the road map.

If they aren’t on the road map or feature list suggestions go ahead and add it

I would like to make the interface more navigatable by the keyboard and to be able to create new files quickly with keyboard shortcuts. This isn’t available yet though. Sorry!

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Here is the link to the already existing request for keyboard shortcuts. It might be handy if folks added some comments about what specific functionality you want tied to keyboard shortcuts.

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Thank you for the link!

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