Losing ability to 'click' with iPad and keyboard

I’ve got an iPad Pro and Magic keyboard. When i’m in the plot area, I can tap with the track pad to open cards, etc. but if I tab out once or twice, Dabble stops recognizing the trackpad. I can tap things with my finger, works fine. Keyboard works, but until I force close and re-open Dabble the trackpad can’t do anything.

Not the best description, but can try to record a video if needed.

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I’ve got the magic keyboard as well and will check if there is something Dabble can fix. However, I’ve had trouble with it in other apps. The keyboard will stop typing, in Dabble, in the address bar, anywhere, but I can still tab to other apps, just can’t write. I had to restart the iPad to get it working again. So it might be an issue with the magic keyboard. But I’ll check it out.


Not sure if this captures much that’s useful. https://www.dropbox.com/s/pzmslv7r6waudfk/Video%20Oct%2019%2C%204%2010%2033%20PM.mp4?dl=0

I typically am tabbing between, GoodNotes then back into Dabble.

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