Lunch-Lady Lynch - Story 1 - Revised

Lunch-Lady Lynch presents

Date with a Dragon

By: David Serra

Introduction by Lunch-Lady Lynch

Hello people! This is Lunch-Lady Lynch at the Dragman Middle School cafeteria serving up a story about sneakiness, troubled young boys, awkward friendships, and twisted surprises. Today’s special is about a lonely 12-year-old boy who finds comfort in the support of a lovely and seemingly generous dragon. However, he pays the price for not listening to his parents or older brother and gets more than he bargained for.

So without further ado my assistant, Ben, can take it from here. I’ll catch up with you later after I serve some lunch.

Role it Ben!

Of course the house felt like a prison but Eric’s room was like a cardboard box for unwanted puppies. That plus the fact that Eric had no friends and his parents were always busy was enough to send him spiraling into a depressive and lonely state. He paced back and forth on what was left of his bedroom floor buried in clothes, shoes, and books. He was so lost in his disgruntled thoughts that he did not hear the knock on his door.

The door opened a sliver, catching Eric’s attention. He pulled out his ear-buds to his music player, blasting angry music, and begrudgingly turned towards the door. It was his older brother, Bill, who slowly emerged into the messy room half-smiling.

“Hey E,” spoke Bill. Even though Eric hated that nickname, he only frowned and waved for him to come in.

“What?” Eric grumbled.

“Mom and Dad were wondering if you would like to come out to dinner with us.”

“No thanks,” Eric replied, a bit agitated, “I’m not hungry.”

“We’re going to a new steakhouse.”

“I said I’m not hungry.”

“Eric,” Bill began bluntly, “When are you going to get over this antisocial habit of yours? We can’t make friends for you! Do you want friends? You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink. Well Eric you better start drinking or…”

“I’m not a horse!” Eric snapped back.

“Boys, that’s enough.”

Eric and Bill’s father, George, came through the doorway, arms crossed and hazel eyes reflecting the glare of the overhead lights.

“Eric are you coming or not?” George asked sternly.

Eric fell silent and stood quietly in the corner with his face twisting in grimace.

“Bill, go wait downstairs with Mom.” George said softly.

Bill hesitated for a second before George gently ushered him out. He gave a sympathetic glimpse towards Eric before heading downstairs.

“Listen, Eric,” George began, “I know you’ve always had social problems since day one and that you don’t want to go to therapy anymore. But please try to work on being just a little nicer.”

“Yeah…OK…” Eric mumbled.

“I know you’re bummed out since your friend dumped you and you feel like you can’t fit in but nobody’s perfect. Mom, Bill, and I still love you. We just want you to improve as a person.”


An awkward silence befell the two for a moment.

“Want a hug?”

“No… I’ll be fine.”

“We’ll be back in a few hours. Don’t stay up too late.”


“See you in a bit.”


George nodded and closed the door behind him. Eric let his music player slide from his hand and hit the messy floor. He slumped against the wall, tears brimming in his eyes. He knew he had social problems ever since he was younger and that his only friend abandoned him because of his constant temper tantrums.

“Why did I have to be this way?” He asked himself aloud. “Why can’t I fit in with everyone else?”

If only Eric knew what was in store for him, then he would have changed his ways in a heartbeat and gone with his family to the restaurant.

A sudden deliberate tap on Eric’s window pulled him out of his dreams, startled and dazed. He sat up in his bed slowly, his eyes scanning the window for clues.

“You look like you’ve been through a lot Eric, poor thing,” a voice said and Eric let out a little shriek before tumbling out of his bed onto the floor. Eric looked up and in front of him was a beautiful blue-scaled dragon with the most penetrating eyes looking straight down at him from where she was perched on his window ledge. Eric could not move his body was frozen with fear for the creature standing before him.

“Y-y-you’re…” he stuttered, barely keeping himself from shaking with shock.

“Yes Eric I’m a dragon. I’ve come to help you.” she replied gently.

“Help me? Ah well um I uh… How do you know my name?”

“I heard you and your brother arguing, sorry you had to go through that.”

Eric’s shaking slowly regressed with a feeling of warmth taking over him.

He slowly smiled.

“Yeah he can be a pain sometimes.” he said, quite confidently.

They both laughed a little.

“No one should ever have to be treated that way.” The Dragon spoke. “You look like you could use some help.”

Eric’s heart melted with those words and he felt himself blush.

“Thank you.”

“No problem.”

She smiled kindly at him.

“Would you like to go for a walk to the park with me?” she asked.

An alarm went off in Eric’s head. It told him to improvise and say that his parents will be home soon or that he wasn’t allowed to go out during the night.

Eric stubbornly shook the feelings off and nodded.

Deserted and plain like a ghost town, only illuminated by a few streetlights and the full moon, Eric and the Dragon sat in a clearing chatting friendly talk.

“Yeah, Bill and my parents can be a bit bossy most of the times.” Eric said.

“Well maybe you should talk to them about it. Get it off your chest and tell them that what they do sometimes bothers you.” the Dragon replied sympathetically.

Eric deeply sighed, letting a large gush of his breath escape with his sorrow.

“They wouldn’t understand,” Eric began, “I always try to talk to them but they always have to-D’OH!”

Suddenly the Dragon lashed out her long and powerful tail and coiled him up from his neck to his ankles.

Raising him up to eye level she let out a sinister chuckle.

“Oh Eric, you are so gullible,” she enthusiastically exclaimed, “I just love how you boys will fall for any sort of pity or sympathy anybody gives you.”

“Y-you double-crossing…” he began angrily but was cut off by the Dragon constricting him tightly. His groaning came to a halt as he went limp in her grip. She laughed wickedly and continued to constrict and sway him in the air.

“Now, now” she said with an evil smile, “It’ll be quick and easy my tender little snack.”

She chuckled evilly and brought him towards her waiting jaws filled with sharp pointing teeth. With a lick of her chops she tossed him into her mouth and swallowed him whole, he slid down her throat smoothly.

“Mmm, delicious, humans are my favorite thing to eat.” She said with a pat of her scaly belly.

Eric fell to the bottom of the Dragon’s stomach with a splat. Before he could roll into her digestive juices a hand reached out and pulled him away to a safe spot. Eric’s nostrils were assaulted with the stench of a thousand hapless human remains. Still unable to move Eric was helped up by a filthy and bearded man in ragged clothes. Eric, dazed an aching, was carried up to where the Dragon’s valve for her esophagus was.

“This has gone too far.” The man said bitterly.

He pulled out a sharpened bone from one of the remains and sliced into the valve. The Dragon roared with pain and regurgitated Eric and the man out of her system. The Dragon coughed and hacked before keeling over on her side, dead and motionless.

The man scrambled up and scooped up a barely conscious Eric in his arms. He carried him out of the park towards a distant hospital.

“Who are you?” Eric whispered.

“I was devoured by her a few days ago.” He said in a raspy voice. “I managed to survive for three days and three nights. When you came down I knew I had to get you out.”

“Thank you.” Eric said wearily.

“You’re welcome kid, you’re welcome.”

He carried Eric to the hospital in silence. From that point on Eric strived to be a better person.

Final Thoughts from Lunch-Lady Lynch

Whoa! Talk about scary stuff. Eric certainly got lucky that night. I feel bad for his brother and parents. I wonder if they find out what happened to him. Anyways, back to the main course. Remember my good people know who your true friends and allies are because someone may look and act friendly but you never know. It’s good to keep your wits about you and use that big fat noodle in your head. It just might save your life.

Well I got to get back to cooking, the children need to be fed you know. But I hope to see you next time because Ben and I have much more stories up our sleeves.

So remember to use your common sense and make lemonade with lots of lemons. But NEVER go out with a stranger or, in this case, a dragon… even if they do seem friendly and charming.