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Manuscript Plot Grid

I love that you can create multiple books under one umbrella project, especially for series. But is it possible to have one manuscript plot grid that links to multiple books under the same project? As far as I can tell, it only links book scenes to the first book in the project. When I try to drag scenes from book one to book two in the left hand nav bar (the only way I can figure out to associate that scene to book two), that card then disappears from the plot grid and falls into a black hole. (Seriously, I have no idea where it goes.) Am I overlooking something, or is this just not possible?

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I don’t believe it’s possible. @jacob will have to confirm.


We considered this, but ultimately we felt that a series plot doesn’t necessarily work on the scene level, which is why you would link the plot grid.

For series, we recommend you create a series plot grid that is not linked and plot out the major arc and plot points of the series. Then in your book grids which are linked, you can incorporate those major series points into each book’s grid by either copying it word for word or perhaps by adding additional information within the context of that book. This way you can look at the overarching plot for the entire series separate from each book.

Click on Plot and click the button to create a General Plot Grid to have one that isn’t linked to a book.

Let me use an example. Say you had a pirate epic series, Pirates of the Mediterranean. You create a series plot grid that is not linked to any book. The series grid might have a plot line for the main overarching story—like the Book Scenes plot line in your book grids—without needing to cover every scene in the story like your book grid does. This Main Plot might have cards like Sails to Sicily to Find Treasure and Wins epic battle but loses Bill Turntable, setting up for next book. Both of these plot points may take up several scenes in the actual books themselves, but for your series plot, you don’t need to cover all that detail. In addition to your Main Plot you might have a Love Plot which covers the drama-filled love triangle between love interest Rebecca Goose, Bill Turntable, and Captain John Cardinal. You can cover the general twists and turns in that series grid, and let each book cover the finer points in their grids.

I hope this helps.

As far as plot points that disappear, that sounds like a bug needing fixing. I am sure they still exist in your project but perhaps have no “parent” anymore and are orphaned. I can restore them if you need them. I will have to add that to a list of things to check. It probably isn’t something that happens often, moving scenes between books.

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@Jacob thank you for your quick reply! I guess I could just do it like a reasonable person would a create a new project for each book in the series, then the plot grid would still link to each book. But I’m not a reasonable person, lol. I like all my books to be under one umbrella. :joy: If this ever changes, I’ll be one happy series plotter. :slight_smile:

As far as the plot point, it was unimportant as I was only testing the capability of transferring from one book to another. But yeah, it does sound like a bug.

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You can create a plot grid for each of your books still! See from this screenshot how you can create a “generic plot grid” (which is not linked to anything, I recommend this for a “series plot”) and a plot grid for each book. Just click the button for your 2nd, 3rd, etc books to create plot grids linked to your other books.

Oh I know! I just like the way the manuscript grid book scenes link automatically to the chapters. :slight_smile:

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Yep this is what I do in my series project. I don’t have a major plot points but I should do that :wink:

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Oh wait! I don’t know what’s different, but when I did add a plot grid before it was just a basic one, but now it’s letting me choose a manuscript one! That’s exactly what I wanted anyway!


Exactly! You probably created a plot grid using the actions menu (the three dots) so it wasn’t linked to any books. But using the buttons on the Plot screen you can create one that is linked.

I really need to make the flow on this easier. Probably auto-create a plot grid for each book that is linked or something like that.

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