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Have a bit of your manuscript you’re particularly proud of? Want to brag a bit about your main character. Here’s a good place to do it.

I’ll start off with a Chapter Epigraph that gives the intro to the world I built for Ouma’s Will, my 2018 NaNovel:

Auwel’s Beck (var. Owls Beck, Owlspeck ):

Population: Unknown . Province: Disputed . Altitude: Disputed .

Noted citizens of and celebrities from Auwel’s Beck: None .

The community of Auwel’s Beck is an enclave on the oft-disputed border between the Indorricut and Felberg provinces, in a pocket of land claimed by both and neither at different times in history. Until fairly recently, mail for the remote mountain valley was delivered as needed by mule or pony cart, but after a series of presumed bandit attacks on postal deliveries with subsequent loss of the few men willing to undertake the scant mail service required, service was suspended just before the end of the last century.

Last official census: Incomplete . Three consecutive censuses went unreported when census takers vanished in the mountains, after which Auwel’s Beck was removed from the census list. The population is believed to be small.

Last official survey: Incomplete ; earlier surveys set the location of the valley and its entry road variously in one of two adjacent counties, close to the border between them. See Indorricut/Felberg Border Dispute .

Access to the valley in which the community is situated is reportedly still by a single unpaved road, impassible in winter.

The community was reported settled about 480 years ago by an extended family clan or tribe headed by its patriarch Ompa Paul (or perhaps Ompa Pol) Auwel, after a series of expulsions from other communities moved the clan persistently closer to the western frontier.

See also Lost Towns; Felberg Witch Trials (Omma Lynn Auwel); Amslette Sorcery Wars (Auwel) ; and Case Law: Paternity and Inheritance (Auwel Exemption) .

Gazette Encyclopedia, Ninth Edition (unexpurgated)


For NaNoWriMo’2018, I wrote a silly, fun-only fairy tale. It’s not completed yet (after hitting 50k words, I just didn’t continue :smiley: ), but during the “Now What?” months (Jan/Feb) encouraged by NaNo, I want to give it a first read through and complete the final part. I had a lot of fun sharing parts of it (it involves :frog: frog recipes) during word sprints on twitter with the NaNo community.

Google translate isn’t the best tool for sharing my non-English writing … one annoying problem are repetitions:
but most problematic is the wrong choice of words in the translation that don’t fit the context.
This said, it’s still the best way to give a quick insight into my writing, so I use it anyway :smiley: and I am trying to improve the direct result of google.

A scene from The Guardian Witch – a very hairy fairy tale:

The old wooden door opened with a creak. A beam of light penetrated the dark room glaringly. They had stirred up dust that was doing its best in the spotlight of the day to spin pretty figures as it slowly sank back onto the floor. The wooden floor squeaked as Matthias took a cautious step and looked around. SoSaNa felt the human heart beat faster. The imp sat, as usual, beside his neck, pressing to his side in alarm. There were several hat stands scattered around the room, where other stores might have preferred cabinets to showcase their wares. At first, SoSaNa thought he saw long coats hanging there. Curtains in front of the windows prevented the light from entering, but as Matthias opened the door further, SoSaNa could better perceive the objects in the room. The imp buried itself frightfully in Matthias’ shoulder. There were no curtains in front of the windows and no coats on the hat stands. On all the walls, from the coat stands and from the woodwork of the ceiling hung, densly packed, sleeping beasts. They came in many bright colors. Their long fur fell from the ceiling, some were wavy, some curled, and some smooth. Were they giant, hairy bats? SoSaNa was just about to whisper in Matthias’ ear when the water in his clay veins froze.
“Buga buga buh!”
One of the hairy monsters attacked them. It had lurked behind the short sales counter and jumped right up to them. It was smaller than Matthias, but fast on its feet. Cheeky blue eyes flashed out from under a smooth curtain of silky black hair. Its lower body was covered with colored fur. Like a skirt, hair of various ripples of browns and yellows swirled around the monster’s hips. Matthias let out a small cry and jumped to the side, startled. The monster had risen on its hind legs and threw its arms up over its head, its claws ready to pounce on them. SoSaNa prayed that the other monsters did not wake up. Maybe they could manage to run away? Matthias snorted. He laughed so loud and with relish that the monster also started to laugh.
“Run, Matt! Come on, let’s go!“, SoSaNa advised, unusually quiet for an imp. He watched the other monsters still hanging asleep in their places.
“You look ridiculous!”
The monster went to one of the windows and pushed its sleeping buddies aside.
“Where have you been so long? I was worried about you.“
An unexpectedly gentle (and human) tone came from the monster.
“Matt! Quickly! Away from here! It wakes up the others!“
SoSaNa shivered all over. Matthias looked puzzled at the small imp. Then he laughed on.
“You poor fellow. May I introduce,“ he took SoSaNa from his shoulder and put the imp on his left palm. Then he presented the helpless imp to the monster as on a silver platter.
Great!, thought the imp. A fine friend, this man!
“This is my big sister, Lana.”
The monster waved to him and turned to the next window. Gradually, the room filled with natural light and everything looked a little less threatening.
“This is a trick!”, SoSaNa shouted, “The monster has eaten your sister!”
Matthias laughed again.
“My dear, this is SoSaNa. He likes to play tricks on other people, but when it hits him, he does not seem to enjoy it.“
The behemoth looked curiously at the imp, who could escape from Matthias’ hand only with a death-defying leap. It eyed the distance to the ground. The wood looked stable. Sturdier than itself.
“Oh, that’s cute! Do not be scared, Litte One,“ the monster said, taking off its head. Then it got out of its hairy dress leaving a petite person who did not look dangerous at all. She looked similar to Matthias, eye and hair color, and even the warm smile were familiar to the imp.
“I’m glad to meet you, SoSaNa. I’m Lana and I like hair. And you?”
SoSaNa remained silent, trapped between pouting insults and ignited curiosity. The imp watched Lana spreading the various hairpieces she had just worn like a second skin to the walls and hat stands. Surely, there was some system that SoSaNa did not immediately spot. He was astonished that this little person (and ever more likely a human being) was even forced to climb on a footbed to hang one of the hairy things onto the ceiling. The young woman wore her brown hair in a braid plaited around her head. That looked cheeky and that pleased SoSaNa. He could not help liking this person. Had she actually hung the windows, disguised herself and then sat behind the counter, waiting for them to enter? The imp could not imagine doing so much for a prank. Its dull eyes were moist.
What a great witch!, the imp thought.