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Marking unfisnished chapters

Is there a way to star or mark a chapter so that you remember that you want to revisit it later? For example, there are times that I start a chapter but get stuck on where I want it to go, but I know where I want the next chapter to go. Is there a way to mark that chapter so I can move on to the next one but have a way to see that I still have unfinished chapter?

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I don’t think there’s a way to mark a chapter. However, I personally will put “NF” in the title of the chapter as my own marker for an unfinished chapter.


Not at the moment. But like @PhoenixReign says you can always put a * or something else in the title OR you could put an empty scene in it with something you can search on [Not finished] or something If you don’t want to mess with titles.

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Or use a plot line in your plot grid called Status and use “1st Draft” or “Unfinished” etc. We will be adding things to help organize better, but these are all good ways for now.

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