Merge function on android?

I’d like to merge scenes in several (!) spots in the novel my husband and I are writing. However, the instructions indicate that it will only work if the scenes are adjacent to one another. If they are not already adjacent we can drag and drop the relevant scenes, in a variety of book “views”.

(Most of my wanna-merge scenes are not adjacent.)

This would be doable on an ios device, but drag and drop in Dabble doesn’t work on android… Unless there’s a change that I’m not aware of.

There are scads of great improvements to the program, and I appreciate the time it requires and that you aren’t exactly spending your time being served cocktails whilst lounging on a beach in Cancun. :wink:

Assuming the drag and drop capability for android is not in the program yet, is there workaround using an android? Any other advice? Would stealing an ipad be a felony or a misdemeanor in California? How about in Cancun?

Thank you for any advice!


Unfortunately other than using another device or computer to rearrange I don’t have any other solution to the drag and drop issue. Improving mobile sport is on our list of things to do.