Metamorphosis of a Concerned Mind - Rough Short Story (so far)

Metamorphosis of the Concerned Mind

By: David Serra

My wife Meredith relaxed on the living room couch in a silken red dress when I came home from a busy night at my dental clinic. I had to do a treacherous root canal with an unhappy patient which caused fatigue to set in over a developing headache. All I wanted to do was take a hot shower and go to bed; I wasn’t in the mood for anything else.

“Hey there,” she said in a tone that sounded alluring to the ear, “Another late night, huh? I got a special surprise for you.”

“Not now, I’m not in the mood.” I replied. “I had a rough day and I just want some sleep.”

“I thought you’d feel that way. That’s why I stayed up for you.”

“Right, thank you. I’m going to make some tea you want some?”

“I’d love some.”

I noticed she was hiding something behind her back when she headed into the kitchen. Not thinking anything of it I followed her and began to prepare water to boil in the teapot. A sharp pain struck over the top of my head. I collapsed on the floor and the last thing I remember hearing was Meredith’s voice talking to someone with a male voice before I blacked out.

The low hum of the highway jolted me awake from my dreams of floating through the woods on a starry night. I tried to move but found that I was in my underwear with my feet and hands bound with cable and duct tape wrapped around my mouth, preventing me from screaming. I squirmed and thrashed in the darkened and cramped area of what appeared to be the trunk of a car. I could feel the vibrations of the road and hear the grumbling of the engine. The car slowed and came to a stop, I froze. There was the sound of opening and shutting doors followed by footsteps that approached the rear of the car. The trunk flipped open and a bright flashlight was shined in my face, I squinted in the light, my head feeling like it was hit by a bowling ball. From the dark the same gruff male voice I heard earlier spoke, “We should’ve hit you harder.”

With those words, the burly man struck me across the face and hoisted me out of the car. Someone else took hold of my legs; their touch jogged my memory of someone I know.

“Don’t worry dear,” Meredith smugly said, “I’ll take good care of your money.”

Shock and anger ran up my spine, I tried to break free but they struck me hard in the chest and head with crowbars. The burly man held me over the reservoir, “Have a nice swim doctor.”

He and Meredith tossed me over the cliff and I plunged into the icy waters. “So long, Alan, thank you for your time.” I thought I heard Meredith say.

I propelled down the raging river, tumbling, banging into rocks, and nearly being pulled under the surface. I strained to stay above the rapids while trying to break free of the cables that were cutting into my wrist and ankles. Farther and farther I began to sink beneath the surface, I struggled to stay above the untamed waters. I felt the sensation of falling over a small waterfall before being pulled under the surface. I drifted motionless in the relatively calmer waters when my adrenaline kicked in. I squirmed and burst above the surface, inhaling deeply through my nostrils. I swam as best I could towards the bank, using every last energy I had left. I inched up the bank, the rocks cutting into my skin and my bones aching. Once I was on the rocky ground, I tried to cut the cable lines on my bloodied wrists against a large rock. It stung and the pain was unbearable, but the cable snapped apart. I rubbed my wrists and found they were almost crippled. I did the same for my ankles against the same rock. The cable broke apart and I threw the lines to the side. I feverishly peeled the wet duct tape off my mouth, it hurt like hell but I didn’t care. Flinging the duct tape away I let out an enraged scream that rang out throughout the forest. I sprawled out on the ground, in pain, freezing, and heartbroken. I tried to move but found I couldn’t, tears welled in my eyes. Gathering up every ounce of strength I could muster I crawled towards the woods, the jagged rocks being replaced by dirt and grass. Through my progressively blurring vision, I thought I saw something up against a nearby tree. I crawled towards it little by little, my eyes widened in astonishment. It was a huge and throbbing white sack, looking like a cross between an enormous water balloon and a shell-less hardboiled egg. Not knowing what else to do I reached out for it, when my hand touched its smooth yet squishy surface I was absorbed into it, leaving behind my underwear on the ground.

On the inside I could feel myself healing from the inside out while the outside of this mysterious sack hardened and blended in with the ground, looking like a boulder. Feeling the warmth and comforting sensation of what felt like a blanket of soothing bathwater swell over me, I felt my body begin to reshape and change. My wounds mended and healed, with my face pulling out into a scaly muzzle. My limbs shriveled up and retreated into my body while my tailbone sprouted and grew longer. My body also morphed and grew longer and longer, becoming more serpentine. My ears sank into my head with all my hairs dissipating and replaced with patterned dark-green scales on top and light-green underbelly scales underneath. I continued to grow longer with my muscles strengthening and my teeth redeveloping into sharp fangs. As the last finishing touches were added to my new body, I curled up and fell into a deep sleep within the cocoon.

Morning sluggishly came, I could tell by the rippling light that shined through the cocoon. I began to feel around with my body for a weak spot, as if it read my mind the cocoon split open and I tumbled out onto the dirt amongst the steamy fluids that poured out from the cocoon. I reared up, shook myself, and looked around feeling a burst of energy run throughout me. Everything looked sharper to me with my new eyes; I took in fresh air through my nostrils and flicked my forked tongue, tasting all of the smells in the air. Such smells that stood out were earth and the water from the stream up ahead. The stream was quiet; I slithered towards it and looked down at my reflection. The face that stared back at me was a huge snake-like creature. My gaze traced to the rest of my long body, I took myself in from all angles. I was in awe when I sense something approaching me. I quickly retreated into the woods and peeked out from behind a boulder. A couple of policemen searched the ground, I watched them intently.

“Found anything yet?” The brawny one asked his partner.

“No, there’s nothing here. Wait a minute!”

At the same time, they saw my underwear crumpled up on the ground along with the dried blood on the rocks.

“Get the forensic team down here now.”

“I’m on it.”

My memory was triggered, Meredith betrayed me and now she was going to pay.

I weaved and slithered through the forest in the direction of my house as if I were set on fire. It took a while but when I got there I saw Meredith being questioned by a couple of detectives. I kept out of sight behind the house as I watched them.

“When was the last time you saw your husband, Mrs. Pargot?” The woman detective asked.

“A week ago, my God do they know what happened?” Meredith replied, sounding on the verge of tears.

“We are investigating; did he have any enemies at work or any threats from anyone?”

“Well that patient he had, I believe she was the principal from the high school, she gave him a hard time a while back.”

I could feel the chill of rage run throughout my body with those words. I searched around and noticed the window of the bedroom open. I stretched up, bit through the screen, and slid inside while Meredith continued to lie to the detectives.

Moments passed before Meredith came back inside with a sneer. After the detectives left, footsteps echoed throughout the house, I heard her talk to someone from downstairs.

“They’ll find out sooner or later.” The burly man’s voice rang out through the hallway.

“By the time they do they’ll never find us.”

“The jet is ready, I suggest we get going.”

“I already got my stuff packed, be a gentleman and help me carry it.”

I gritted my fangs in anger, and that’s when I noticed the packed suitcases in the corner of the room. Their approaching footsteps grow closer to the bedroom. The burly man entered first, before he could get the suitcases I lunged and chomped down on his head. His screams ended when I tore off his head, sending his headless corpse collapsing to the floor.

Meredith screamed and sprinted for the hallway; I sent my tail after her and coiled her up from her neck to her ankles. Tightening my grip around her I brought her back into the room and snarled at her face to face.

“No, please!” she shrieked, “I’m not ready yet! I’m not ready yet!”

“You tried to kill me!” I hollered. “I thought you loved me?!”

Meredith looked stunned for a moment before whispering, “Alan?”

“That’s right, now why did you try to kill me?” I asked in a controlled fury.

She sputtered nonsensically before stuttering, “I-I-I needed the money!”

“For what, I want the truth!”

“I bought something from a loan shark but I couldn’t pay him back. Please, I just needed the money!”

With my grip firmly on her, I looked her directly in the eyes.

“Why didn’t you call the cops?”

“He would’ve had that man kill me if I did. I didn’t know what else to do, please!”

My sight darted back from the headless man on the floor to Meredith. I turned her sideways in my tail, facing her head towards my jaws.

“Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t swallow you whole right now!”

“No! No! Please! I still love you, Alan! I didn’t mean to do those things to you! Please, give me a second chance!”

My tongue flicked her head, she tasted delicious. I opened my mouth slightly but at the same time recalled all the good memories I had with her. They ranged from when we were dating; my favorite was when we had a movie night with her brother, to our wedding which was wonderful, to our honeymoon which was one of the best vacations we ever had. I turned her up to face her straight in the eyes.

“If you do love me then prove it.”

“Wha-what can I do?”

“Turn yourself in. Tell the police everything. We’ll see if you are truly honest.”

I rearranged her in my coils and snatched the bedroom phone off the dresser in my jaws. I dialed the phone with my tail and held it up to her ear, she answered it in a shaky voice, “Yes, yes this is Meredith Pargot. I had something to do with my husband’s disappearance.”

Before she could go on the doorbell rang. I hung up the phone and looked out the window. There was a guy in a well-tailored suit accompanied by a couple of hulking bodyguards.

“What do you want?” I demanded.

“Dr. Pargot?” the man asked, surprised.

“Yeah it’s me.”

“I’m here to speak with your wife.”

I glared at Meredith and tightened my coils around her.

“He… He…” She managed to say, “He just wants the money.”