Move a plot point to different plot line?

Is there any way to move a plot point to a different plot line?? I keep trying to drag and drop but it doesn’t work


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Not sure what you are trying to move. Scenes which are in the first column can only move up and down not into another column. Each plot pot which are all the following can be dragged and dropped.

Arriving at the Clubhouse is a scene not a plot point. You’d need to make a plot point according to that and move it.


@AJ_Hunter is correct. The left-most column are your book’s scenes (see the title at the top) and a scene can only belong in a chapter, not in a plot line. The scenes represent your “main plot” and any plot points slotted in the row to the right of a scene will be attached to that scene and viewable when you write the scene.

Note, deleting those cards in the left column will delete the scene from your novel. Adding new cards there will add them to your novel. They are the scenes, in card format.

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My visual mind wants to make the first column a set of cards to serve as a story arc guide (al K.M. Weiland, et al), with the Book Scenes column as the second column, not the first.

I have no idea if this would be hard to do technically. Perhaps I just need to tell my visual mind to get over itself and adjust. But I thought I’d bring it up in case it was easy to implement.

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The reason it is locked into that left-column is that Dabble keeps plot points together with their scenes, so when you move a scene in the book the plot points on that row are moved with it. It’s a “header column” in spreadsheet terminology.

I’m married to a CPA. Yep, I know about freeze pane and headers and such. I love Excel, actually.

Thanks for the explanation. I’ll communicate to the boys in the boiler room. Once I wrap my mind around how this works I’m quite sure the word “brilliant” will pop out of my mouth.

I’m starting to see how much work you’re putting in under the hood to keep things deceptively simple.

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My drag and drop in the left hand menu does not seem to work on an Android phone. Am I doing click and hold on the wrong spot?

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Drag and drop does not work on an android phone. You are doing nothing wrong it just doesn’t work. If you need to rearrange anything for the phone you can’t. You can only do it on a PC.

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