Music Playlists

I needed something to keep me awake today since I have been super under the weather. Remembered I told @Jacob I would throw together some emotive playlists, so spent the day doing that. I’ll continue to add to them, but as of now, I have Love, Wonder, Anger, Sorrow, Suspense, and Epic. If you know any good songs to add to these playlists, feel free to drop them below. :slight_smile:


Since NaNoWriMo is starting in two weeks, I wanted to revive this topic.
I usually don’t listen to music or anything when writing, and wanted to know your opinion and/or experience with this.
Another aspect might be ambient sounds. There is: - which really is just rain, so might be the best one for me :slight_smile: - emulates sounds in public palces, a coffee house, the university … weird, no?
The most fun one might be:
which has lots of sound mixers (meaning: you can switch off parts you don’t like), amongst others emulating your favorite movie environment …
I like their japanese-zen-garden, but think, I could not stand this for a longer period of time …

[Honestly, looking to escape the noise from workers drilling through my office walls while I am sitting here and try to add value to society. sigh]

So: who’s preparing playlists for each writing project? WHY? How does it help in the process?
Any suggestions to add?


I don’t prepare playlists for each writing project, but I have a writing playlist that I put on, usually on shuffle. It’s about 24 hours long so it takes several days of play and stop (Tidal remembers the spot) before I start to hear songs again. And then, to be honest, I’ve probably forgotten about it.

As for what I listen to. I’ve never gotten much into the ambient noise tracks. I know people who rave about them, many within my NaNo region, but I don’t know. I guess they’re just not really my thing, because I get bored of them.
What I do listen to is metal. Lots of it.Metal from good bands (Thank you, Sabbath), and metal from… Let’s call them not as good bands. A cliche power metal album can be exactly what you need when you’re trying to get out that fight scene…

I like metal because it’s fast paced. It helps me to keep my writing moving. Sometimes I’ll change it up and listen to Two Steps from Hell or soundtracks, but most of the time it’s metal, the heavier the better.


I don’t do much of playlists when I write, I chose one song that fits either my or the scene’s mood and put it on repeat. When I do I have a very small playlist (3-10 songs) with similar music on repeat. Hearing “new” music is a distraction for me.