NaNoWriMo integration

@Jacob I was wondering if you knew if the NaNoWriMo Api was going to let third party apps like Dabble use it year round to increment their projects since they aren’t all tied into NaNo anymore?

Would be really cool to use it as a catalog of our stats at their site year round.


Oh I’d love to know if that’s possible! Fingers crossed.

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That is actually a brilliant idea. NaNoWriMo’s web site activity only spikes during Camp NaNoWriMo or NaNoWriMo in November. I suppose that it is a challenge for the organization to maintain a high level of buzz.

But if NaNoWriMo encouraged developers like Jaboc to allow users to track their work all year around it would attract a lot more eyeballs and interest. It could help build up the writing community.