Navigation Issues on iPad - Left “Chapter/Scene” Pane Selection

I’m finding Dabble navigation very frustrating on my iPad. In both Chrome and Safari, attempts to use the navigation menus result in the panes resizing before I can really select something. This happens in both browsers no matter what input device I’m using (touch screen, magic keyboard or bluetooth mouse). Since I can’t use the arrows to scroll through the left panel, I feel like I’m playing a game of tag with the screen when all I want to do is review and revise a scene or chapter.
Please help! Is this a setting I need to change or a bug in the web app? Either way, it makes me desperately miss the way Dabble functioned in Windows. I loved it then and cuss at it now. It’s ruining my user experience.
Running iOS 15.2.1 on a 5th Gen iPad Pro

Many thanks to Alicia with the Dabble Team for working through this with me. Posting work around in case anyone else needs it.
Apparently the havoc was caused by the Assistive Touch Setting that I had turned on. If you have similar resizing issues, you can try turning that feature off.

I turned it on so that I could connect a bluetooth mouse. So far, my mouse has continued working with it off. Fingers Crossed